I’ve Never Felt So Hungover & Sick…

… which means I’m definitely not cut out for all these ‘clubbing’ debauchery that Junaidi, Christine, myself and his friends gloriously attended on Friday.

Jun, stop speeding! I puked at A&W thanks to your awesome lane-shifting skills 😦 *Should* my demise happen in your car, you won’t get any of my insurance money.

Or have you met my boyfriend and this is some sort of sordid plan you guys came up with?

Came home at around 5am, flopped onto bed, woke up at 11.04am [to shouts of “OH SHIET!” as I was late for work]. Managed to go into office for a good 5-6 hours before toddling back home to sleep on my boyfriend’s lap. In fact, it was such a good sleep, he had to wake up me 4 times so he could get me to open the door.

And now I’m off to yoga. Girl’s gotta exercise, you know.


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