Lousy pun, I know 😦

Heartiest congratulations to 2007 University of Auckland graduates!

– Miss Gilainne Sytingo

– Mr Matthew Wong

– Mr Chris Ong

Welcome to the working world now 😛

On a separate note, I’ve just got my eyebrows embroided. I may look like Justice Bao / a chinese opera singer now, but here’s hoping that I look *better* in a few days 😀



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  1. Hi Mei!!!!! Thank you! How are your eyebrows? What does the embroidering of one’s eyebrows consist of?

  2. DANKE!!!!

    it was actually quite fun prattling around in that bat gown and funny hat. I wish i could have the hat that the professors have so i can go around tipping my hat to everybody like they do :D!

    but no its back to working world now 😦

    btw whats your work email so that i can spam u 🙂

  3. photos pls!

  4. n-g : Good to see you here! Photos = work in progress. All will be unveiled. Soon 😀

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