Inspiring Anecdotes

Since my life is about as interesting as porridge with dried onions, here are some anecdotes to help make me look like I’m a very interesting person.


As I was lying down on the sofa making myself about as useful as a rug, my mum came up behind me and shouted “EE! SLUT!”. To which I turned around and wanted to yell “WHO YA CALLING A SLUT HUH?”, not before I spotted a slug making its way across my hall. SLUG, not slut.


“Mei’s feeling like nesting, isn’t she?” was a comment my boyfriend’s colleague casually dished out. Well, just because I would like to know if Natalia or Damian are nice baby names, and that I would eagerly sell my liver to buy a house in Desa Parkcity doesn’t mean that I am ‘nesting’!

Fine, I admit – I secretly enjoy traipsing in Ikea looking at furniture, fingering bedsheets at Parkson and buying groceries.


“I thought you were engaged!” my boss remarked to me over drinks one day. In fact, it was echoed by another colleague! Just because my boyfriend is 29 and we both exchanged rings [as a sign of our komeetman]… doesn’t necessarily mean we’re engaged, does it?

p/s : My engagement ring’s diamond has got to be bigger, no? 😉


“AIEEEEEEEEEE okay okay 2 pairs of jeans! AIEEEEEEEE STOP STOP STOP!” – Kel waS screeching that as I employed my very own ambush tactics upon him last night. For my birthday, I so desire 1 pair [or maybe 2] of jeans and a hairdryer.


“What the fuck was that? Indiana Jones meets ET?!” – Kel’s boss exclaimed after Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ended.

Note  : Do not watch. Invest your money in something else, like a nice lunch and a bag to barf it all into after the movie has ended.


I waltzed into Kel’s office on Friday to meet up before watching a wretched waste of money go to waste Indiana Jones. Since Kel was rolling his eyes as I showed off my pretty new giraffe bracelet [courtesy of Tiffany from her online shop], I decided to wriggle it to his colleague that actually understands art!

M* : Look! Giraffe! So pretty! Look look, it’s even got eyes and a cute black nose!

Nico : Oooh you’re so quirky, I like!


Chimichanga chimichanga. That word has been in my head since Thursday. Googled it up and it turns out to be a lovely Mexican recipe which I will utilise in the near future.


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  1. Hi i’ve just watch indiana jones… indiana jones and martin the martian, e.t., alf, etc. it put a gigant question mark in my head. and let me tell you that there is no airport in nazca, it isn’t in cusco, the IGUAZU falls aren’t in Brasil (they are in the limit between Argentina and Uruguay) and the piramids in the movie where Mayas that are Mexican not Brazilian.

    So i think lucas need some geography classes.

  2. lol.. u can get chimichanga at the mexicali place

  3. i did think of damien, that day we came up with dmitri ronveous IV.
    u know damien of the baleful eyes? the kid? the omen?

  4. I happen to think Damian is a nice kid’s name. :p

  5. hehe im suckered in…very interesting..all those little things…

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