Since I’ve been watching tonnes of movies lately [and not reviewing them, naughty me], I’ve decided to continue the tradition from my old blog, but with a twist : giving you a review in less than 10 words. 😀

I really don’t want to bore you with boring details [since everyone wants to read on the go-go-go, but I’ve outlined some finer/fine-ish points bulleted below 😀

Get Smart

Hot spy vs bumbling spy with genuine LOLs.

  • Lots of jibes regarding the [soon to be gone, I hope!] Bush administration


“No, it’s NUCLEAR”

“Right, whatever”

  • I reiterate, I abso-fucking-lutely hate HATE hate Hoi Polloi [ie non Couple / isolated] seats in the cinema. Why? Cause every little shake / tap is enough to send gargantum tremors up your chair that’ll rock the Richter scale

The Other Boleyn Girl

Hot sisters battle for throne.

  • Very nice directing, even better wardrobe
  • Ah, to have 2 hot young Hollywood femme fatales battle it out with the equally hot Eric Bana should be made … illegal

Lucky Number Slevin

Mistaken identity lands hottie in twisted plot.

  • Brilliant acting by Hartnett and Willis. Maybe it’s time I took Mr.Hartnett seriously. Like, a serious actor, of course

  • Watch out for the twist at the end!

The Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian

Prince and kids save kingdom, inhabitants happy

Well, what else could I say?

  • Ben Barnes tries to put on a Spanish accent, since the Telmarines in the movie had Spanish conquistador influences around them. Hmm, still doesn’t have me entirely convinced

  • Excellent cinematography, and well done with the costumes. Narnia IS indeed a more savage place 😀

Forbidden Kingdom

Chinese mythology characters save kid

  • UGH. Since when did Monkey King speak English?! God, no no no! ARGH! *tears hair out

  • Watch only if you’re a semi Kung Fu movie fan. Otherwise, catch the movie below!

Kung Fu Panda

Obese panda learns Kung Fu – saves village

  • Feel good animation of the year! Although, I can’t fathom why a duck has a panda for a son

  • Has just enough humour to amuse the kiddies and the adults

  • Po has the cutest bulge ever, just like Kel’s!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indy saves planet. Aliens are grateful.

  • Indiana Jones, as I recall, is an ADVENTURE movie not a fantasy / sci-fi movie! Spielberg should just take his stinking sci-fi ass and haul it out from the movie! Aliens?! WTF!

  • Corny one-liners *cringe

“I have to return the skull”


“Because it told me to”

This was the part I cringed so hard you had to Botox my face to keep it from ever cringing again. ARGH!

Phew, only 7 movies I have watched this year.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a box set of all 6 seasons of Sex and the City to finish before I buy the DVD 😀


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