2 Blondes, 1 Accident and RM50

Here’s a story of why you should never send 2 blondes (myself and Hazel) to do anything.

On Monday, Hazel’s car got knocked by a bus [our dear boss was jumping up and down the studio, “Hazel got banged by a bus! Hazel got banged by a bus!” before I corrected and said “Hazel’s CAR got banged by a bus!”]. To make matters worse, it was a purple tour bus [her favourite colour, not to mention it’ll be hard to get that filthy bastard to face the courts of justice] and it was an INDIAN driver [her favourite race! Long story 😛 ]

So off we trotted to the police station [boss sent me as superior escort cause I’m very bitchy and fierce apparently]. The first police officer who took her report flirted with her. I was merely rolling my eyes and trying not to elbow her in the face.

Officer #1 : SOOO! You’re from SABAH!

Hazel : Er.. yes..

O#1 : So! Is that so-and-so restaurant still there? Which end of this road do you live on?

Hazel : Uhhhhhh -_-

*gab gab gab*

So that was #1. Here’s #2 :

Officer #2 : *mumble mumble*

It was at this moment Miss Hazel decides to bend down and attempt to look at her car’s undercarriage, muttering “Where? Where?”. The police officer just winked at me.

M* : *pulls Hazel up. You blonde! You got conned!

Hazel : WHAT! CHEAT MY MONEY! *feebly attempts to kick police officer.

On a side note, may I remind you that we’re in a fecking police station! I don’t want to get booked just cause my friend decides to assault a police officer!!!!

M* : WHAT THE HELL were you doing?

Hazel : Oh, he told me there was RM50 under my car :s

M* : :s

Before we went to make a report, Hazel doubled back absentmindedly to her car and mumbled “Where’s my damn phone”, opened her car and rummaged for it.

M* : Hazel. It’s in your hand. Beneath the yellow ticket.

Hazel : Oh. Ya.

While we were in the car on the way back to the office on a slope, I noticed something abnormal from the corner of my eye. I sat up and told Hazel :

M* : HOI! You cow! The car’s going backwards! The car’s sliding!

Hazel : ??

M* : The car is sliding!

Hazel : … you cow it’s not! The truck next to us is moving forward.

M* : Oh. 😀

A piecemeal of what goes on in the office almost everyday. Tsk.



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  1. OMG Meiz, you turned blonde! hahahaha

    Hilarious 🙂 I wonder what Hazel was wearing to have made the police officer want to see her bend down lol..

  2. mei was blonde the moment she met me.

  3. Foo : I’ve ALWAYS been blonde! She was wearing jeans and a low cut top, naturally. Tsk. The police even served her instead of an old lady first.

    Tim : LOL Blonde before I met you actually

  4. The policeman walked away snickering when I was bending down, hence no sexual intentions there, but perhaps he knew I was blonde enough to fall for his stupid prank!

    Even with those officers hitting on me, I didn’t get freakin special treatment did I??!!Besides me going ahead of the poor old lady, who I felt sorry for after the way the officer treated her…BASTARD!They were probably thinking, Oh!Blondes, were gonna have fun with them, they probably ran over a cup on the road and freaked out and decided to lodge a police report to save the damn cup!

  5. Why…a…cup?

    Why not something more melodramatic – like ran over a blonde wing?!

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