My Current Groove

I’ve been looping this song since Saturday and I don’t care if I’m driving the neighbours crazy.

And for some reason, I REALLY REALLY like Paris Hilton’s ‘Nothing in this World’ :

I have this strange fascination for platinum blondes now. Yes, I’m obviously a blonde and I REALLY want to dye my hair blonde, but unfortunately with my skin tone, I’ll look like I’m inflicted with jaundice. Argh.

And I’ve found the singer and song title of this song that’s been bugging me since ages. Mandarin version here

Sorry it’s an embedded link, uploaders didn’t wanna let me embed. hmph.

Here’s to blondes + blondeness! *


*To all blondes I know, of course 😉


Posted on September 21, 2008, in Fun fun. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. rachael yamagata is good shit.

  2. i really like paris hilton one too!!!! HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH

  3. oh my god are you serious?! Lady gaga?! Holy shit man you’re 23 !!! P_P” I love lady gaga

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