And Good Day To You Too!

So remember that time when I alleged my boss looks like Gael Garcia Bernal but nothing like Gael Garcia Bernal?


Well since he sits in front of me right now and irritates me to death almost everyday [I magically ressurect at 7pm],  I can safely say that he bears ABSOLUTELY NO RESEMBLENCE AT ALL TO MY IDOL.

For those of you not in the know of the hot, handsome, sultry, talented, sexy Mexican actor that is my husband [henceforth referred to as Gael], here are some photos of him. Not all of them do his magnificent face justice! 



My Husband @ BAFTA

My Husband @ BAFTA





A sample of his uber talent :



Gael Garcia Bernal in drag in La Mala Educación. I was watching this video when suddenly I just *got* what this scene and its wardrobe [and mise-en-scene] meant. Gah. After 2 years. Gael plays an Spaniard instead of a Mexican, that’s why he lisps his “Zs” when he lipsyncs the song. Random bit of knowledge for y’all. 


To watch his other movie, Y Tu Ma, click here. I’m sorry, no subtitles. 


The trailer to one of my all-time favourite movies, Amores Perros (Trans : Love’s a bitch).



I can watch this scene a hundred times [I myself have watched this movie 10 odd times] but I still find myself gasping for breath, heart a thudding against my dry throat when the scene ends. Doesn’t he look absolutely dreamy? Stunning cinematography with a stunning actor. Ahh…



I’ve finally found the video to one of my favouritest song in the soundtrack! This scene depicts how each character in the movie (in the first scene) goes about his way to earn some money. 


And that’s all I have to talk about my idol for now. Ahh.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pretend to look busy.




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  1. You must have loved the sex scenes in Y Tu Mama Tambien.. 😛 He was such a boy then. And that movie was fuckingtastic.

    I loved Amores Perros too. 🙂

    But sorry I don’t share your passion for his dreaminess haha – but rather the talent behind these films 🙂

  2. The sex scenes were sweet and not toooo erotic. Plus I found out later that it was prosthetic penises were used for Diego and Gael 😀

    Ahhhh to be talented and hot. Ahhhhh.

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