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Demonstration of Bikram Yoga

Since I haven’t got the appropriate gear YET, here are some videos to tide you down 🙂


Postures Demonstrated

1. Pranayama Deep Breathing

2. Half Moon Pose [3 parts] with Hands to Feet Pose

3. Awkward Pose [3 parts]

4. Eagle Pose

5. Standing Head to Knee Pose [4 parts]


Postures Demonstrated

6. Standing Bow Pulling

7. Balancing Stick Pose

8. Standing Separate Leg Stretching

9. Triangle

10. Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee

11. Tree Pose

12. Toe Stand

13. Savasana

14. Wind Removing Pose [3 parts]

Not demonstrated : 15. Sit-up

Notice how Standing Bow Pulling is an extremely difficult posture? Even the very experienced find it hard to balance [at least they fall gracefully, unlike me who falls about as graceful as a rhino waltzing to the Blue Danube].


Postures Demonstrated

16. Cobra Pose

17. Half Locust Pose [3 parts, demonstration of the advanced Half Locust in Part 4]


Postures Demonstrated

17. Half Locust [advanced set at 0:12. There’s a guy who’s got his feet up onto his head. Currently working my way there… once I hold my feet up at a 90-degree angle, that is 😉 ]

18. Full Locust

19. Bow Pose [you can see the advanced set in motion at 1:02 – 1:04]

20. Fixed Firm Pose

21. Half Tortoise Pose

22. Camel Posture [advanced set 3:11 – 3:15]

23. Rabbit Posture

24. Head to Knee with Stretching Pose [3 parts. The last part is my least favourite, go figure]

25. Spine Twisting

26. Kapalbhati Breathing

And there you have it, all 26 postures of Bikram Yoga that is practiced in a room heated to 32-34 degrees Celcius. For all those who think that Yoga practice = chanting and what some uninformed people have been talking about in the papers … if you have time to chant or even talk during class, you aren’t practicing Bikram Yoga.


Clarins Cares

Clarins Malaysia has recently launched its charity programme titled “Clarins We Care”. So, what does Clarins really care about [and whyYOU should care!] <–haha punny, I couldn’t resist!


What Clarins is doing is selling 2009 diaries for ONLY RM12 at all Clarins counters worldwide. Proceeds raised from the sales of these diaries goes towards purchasing educational tools for less fortunate children. And the fabulous thing about this is that Clarins randomly chooses different charity houses each year, thus giving all disadvantaged children a fair chance at education. 


And since Clarins is in the spirit of giving and sharing [since we’re near Christmas and all], they’re giving away FREE vouchers on their website for you to enjoy a :

– A free skin consultation + 2 samples

– Eyebrow shaping

– Pampering hand massage



Ah but of course, there’s no such thing as a free meal, non? All you have to do is send an eCard with Clarins with one of the drawings done by an underprivileged child to 3 friends and wa-lah, you get a voucher!

Vouchers from Clarins

Vouchers from Clarins


Also, you can pledge how you’d save our dwindling rainforest and yep, you got it – you get another voucher! 

Pledge towards a worthy cause!

Pledge towards a worthy cause!







I feel so warm and fuzzy already. So go get your diary, and go redeem your vouchers!





p/s : Aren’t the themes for gmail so cute? Loves it!

Saving Salabhasana

On Monday, Kel and I left the office early not only because I had not much work to be done, but also because I carpool with him.


After a very lovely dinner in SS15 with some of his ex-colleagues, he went over to his old office to pick up a Macbook to review. As we were exiting the office and heading towards his car, lo-behold! there was an almighty MEOW that came out from under a car. It was a kitten! Hiding behind a tyre. And obviously we were situated near the main road, so I decided to whisk her into my hands lest she gets squished by a car 😦


As I cradled her in my arms, I decided that I’ll keep kitteh safe while I look for a suitable home for it.


Kel : And what are you gonna do with it?

M* : Er, hold it and keep it in your house for awhile?

K* : You mean that mangy thing is coming into my car?!

M* : YETH!

K* : Oh. My. God. A feral cat is gonna be in my car. Oh no.

M* :  😀


So we trotted off into the car with kitten on my lap and Kel groaning “Oh mannnn” every 4 metres. 😛


To cut a long story short, his housemate said NO, so I naturally had to take the kitten home. 


Tied my 2 dogs up, bundled her in my arms and I ceremoniusly dumped her in the bathroom downstairs [a pretty comfy room, I must add!].


Suffice to say, the cat [whom I’ve christened Salabhasana*] is now living in my study room well away from the dogs and my mum’s beloved furniture. Adopt her today because : 

– She will make a good rat / cockroach / pest hunter. She’s already caught countless flies [only because she’s too tiny to catch proper pests now]

– She makes a good leg warmer. Loves to rub against your feet when you come in the room

– Will become good exercise equipment. I say this because I have already tried to stop her from flying all around the room and chased her off my mum’s sofa.


Why is adopting Salabhasana good for your luck? She has little ^^ marks on her forehead that look like the ^_^ emoticon. Oh, and it also looks like an “M” … or upside down “W”… or “n” … or “V”… [so those of you who have an M or W or N or V in your name (me excluded)] this is an EXTRA LUCKY CAT that will bringforth riches and fame. Ahem. 


But that’s not all! Adopt Salabhasana and you’ll receive : 

– FREE kitten food supply [for another week or so]

– FREE pet dish

–  FREE kitty litter

– FREE kitty tray

– FREE toy


Salabhasana has been dewormed and deflead as of 18 November 2008.


Salabhasana and her ^^ mark

Salabhasana awakes!

Salabhasana awakes!



Interested? You know my email and IM 😉




p/s : What does Salabhasana mean and why the hell did I name her that? Salabhasana is Sanskrit for “Locust post”, one of the 26 postures in Bikram Yoga and incidentally, one of the postures that I am aiming to progress to the advanced without my instructor’s help 😀 


Salabhasana is a posture that not only tones your back, it helps with back problems such as slipped disc and sciatica. Also, Salabhasana is a posture that is good for carpal tunnel syndrome [one that I can vouch for since I have no recurrent CTS attack 😀 ], tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow and is also excellent for toning your buttocks and hips. That’s why *I* have a yoga ass!


Salabhasana (Pic courtesy of

Salabhasana (Picture courtesy of


Advanced Salabhasana (Picture courtesy of

Advanced Salabhasana (Picture courtesy of

Noches de Casablanca

Was just surfing and I managed to find this gem on YouTube!



And this is Sara Montiel’s version of ‘Besa’me’



Anyone has the DVD oh please? 😀




Just dance …

Gonna be okay

da da doo doo

Just dance

The record play

da da doo doo








6-day Bikram Practice

Peace, serenity, emotional relief, sweat, tears and blood [all 3 literally].

Till the next class!