Saving Salabhasana

On Monday, Kel and I left the office early not only because I had not much work to be done, but also because I carpool with him.


After a very lovely dinner in SS15 with some of his ex-colleagues, he went over to his old office to pick up a Macbook to review. As we were exiting the office and heading towards his car, lo-behold! there was an almighty MEOW that came out from under a car. It was a kitten! Hiding behind a tyre. And obviously we were situated near the main road, so I decided to whisk her into my hands lest she gets squished by a car 😦


As I cradled her in my arms, I decided that I’ll keep kitteh safe while I look for a suitable home for it.


Kel : And what are you gonna do with it?

M* : Er, hold it and keep it in your house for awhile?

K* : You mean that mangy thing is coming into my car?!

M* : YETH!

K* : Oh. My. God. A feral cat is gonna be in my car. Oh no.

M* :  😀


So we trotted off into the car with kitten on my lap and Kel groaning “Oh mannnn” every 4 metres. 😛


To cut a long story short, his housemate said NO, so I naturally had to take the kitten home. 


Tied my 2 dogs up, bundled her in my arms and I ceremoniusly dumped her in the bathroom downstairs [a pretty comfy room, I must add!].


Suffice to say, the cat [whom I’ve christened Salabhasana*] is now living in my study room well away from the dogs and my mum’s beloved furniture. Adopt her today because : 

– She will make a good rat / cockroach / pest hunter. She’s already caught countless flies [only because she’s too tiny to catch proper pests now]

– She makes a good leg warmer. Loves to rub against your feet when you come in the room

– Will become good exercise equipment. I say this because I have already tried to stop her from flying all around the room and chased her off my mum’s sofa.


Why is adopting Salabhasana good for your luck? She has little ^^ marks on her forehead that look like the ^_^ emoticon. Oh, and it also looks like an “M” … or upside down “W”… or “n” … or “V”… [so those of you who have an M or W or N or V in your name (me excluded)] this is an EXTRA LUCKY CAT that will bringforth riches and fame. Ahem. 


But that’s not all! Adopt Salabhasana and you’ll receive : 

– FREE kitten food supply [for another week or so]

– FREE pet dish

–  FREE kitty litter

– FREE kitty tray

– FREE toy


Salabhasana has been dewormed and deflead as of 18 November 2008.


Salabhasana and her ^^ mark

Salabhasana awakes!

Salabhasana awakes!



Interested? You know my email and IM 😉




p/s : What does Salabhasana mean and why the hell did I name her that? Salabhasana is Sanskrit for “Locust post”, one of the 26 postures in Bikram Yoga and incidentally, one of the postures that I am aiming to progress to the advanced without my instructor’s help 😀 


Salabhasana is a posture that not only tones your back, it helps with back problems such as slipped disc and sciatica. Also, Salabhasana is a posture that is good for carpal tunnel syndrome [one that I can vouch for since I have no recurrent CTS attack 😀 ], tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow and is also excellent for toning your buttocks and hips. That’s why *I* have a yoga ass!


Salabhasana (Pic courtesy of

Salabhasana (Picture courtesy of


Advanced Salabhasana (Picture courtesy of

Advanced Salabhasana (Picture courtesy of

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  1. is he the cutest kitty or is he the cutest kitty??

  2. Jun : Hehe, the kitten is actually a she. I’ve renamed her Bella 🙂

  3. HOLYFUCK NOW i’ve seen everything.
    …or have i? anymore twisted contortions?

    anyhow… that looks nothing like a locust. both of em.

  4. jook : There’s more 😛 I’m aiming to do a photoblog with me starring as the model 😀

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