Demonstration of Bikram Yoga

Since I haven’t got the appropriate gear YET, here are some videos to tide you down 🙂


Postures Demonstrated

1. Pranayama Deep Breathing

2. Half Moon Pose [3 parts] with Hands to Feet Pose

3. Awkward Pose [3 parts]

4. Eagle Pose

5. Standing Head to Knee Pose [4 parts]


Postures Demonstrated

6. Standing Bow Pulling

7. Balancing Stick Pose

8. Standing Separate Leg Stretching

9. Triangle

10. Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee

11. Tree Pose

12. Toe Stand

13. Savasana

14. Wind Removing Pose [3 parts]

Not demonstrated : 15. Sit-up

Notice how Standing Bow Pulling is an extremely difficult posture? Even the very experienced find it hard to balance [at least they fall gracefully, unlike me who falls about as graceful as a rhino waltzing to the Blue Danube].


Postures Demonstrated

16. Cobra Pose

17. Half Locust Pose [3 parts, demonstration of the advanced Half Locust in Part 4]


Postures Demonstrated

17. Half Locust [advanced set at 0:12. There’s a guy who’s got his feet up onto his head. Currently working my way there… once I hold my feet up at a 90-degree angle, that is 😉 ]

18. Full Locust

19. Bow Pose [you can see the advanced set in motion at 1:02 – 1:04]

20. Fixed Firm Pose

21. Half Tortoise Pose

22. Camel Posture [advanced set 3:11 – 3:15]

23. Rabbit Posture

24. Head to Knee with Stretching Pose [3 parts. The last part is my least favourite, go figure]

25. Spine Twisting

26. Kapalbhati Breathing

And there you have it, all 26 postures of Bikram Yoga that is practiced in a room heated to 32-34 degrees Celcius. For all those who think that Yoga practice = chanting and what some uninformed people have been talking about in the papers … if you have time to chant or even talk during class, you aren’t practicing Bikram Yoga.


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