Happy 2009!

First off, Merry Xmas and a Happy 2009! May the new year bring forth fertility and an abundance of prosperity 😀

I initially wanted to do a “What I bought in 2008” post to highlight my serious shopping addiction [I know every girl says that, but I kinda am addicted to shopping in er, rather unconventional places such as second hand shops, bargain bin hunting and my all-time favourite place, FOS].

But since it’s laundry day, fuck it.

So I’ve decided to outline *MY* achievements in 2008

It’ll be less depressing than discovering how much money I spent on pre-loved clothes [hey, they’re in good condition. Plus some of it’s really funky]

Mei Ng’s Achievements in 2008 [in no particular order]

1. Lost 2kg.

Fine, it’s not really an achievement because now my arms look like a pair of twigs sticking out from my torso. And my boobs are down from a C/D to a B/A 😦  Well, at least guys talk to my FACE instead of my BOOBS. Unless of course it’s due to that zit on my face the size of an egg.

2. Won at Kancils and Phoenix

Well it’s not really MY achievement as such, it’s also thanks to a tag-team effort by Pix.

3. Attained inner calm and serenity

All thanks to Bikram Yoga, of course! Yes some days I still am angus, but at least I can identify the source of my anger and address / act on it accordingly. So now instead of banging on my keyboard at work, I stare at my boss, start wailing and calling him DADDDEEEEEEEEEEE [can be accompanied by flailing arms or arm pulling or foot stomping] until he gives in. Heh heh heh. On a side note this tactic worked in Borders, because the section manager gave us a 10% discount on all our books. *cackle cackle.

4. Met many new friends

All thanks to Bikram Yoga again! I have 10 more friends on my address book, and things to do on the weekend [instead of just moping around or having conversations with the ceiling]

5. Pay increment

Although a small and paltry sum [I wanted double of what was given], I should be thankful that I even got a raise in these times of economic slumber. Thanks Don and Francis and WK! My first child’s birth certificate is officially 3 pages long

And other weird moments from 2008 …

1. Having just met a guy, he drunkenly tells me 20 minutes later he’d like to shove his tongue down my throat 😯  I blame FY for introducing me to this weirdo.

2.  My hardcore Kiwi accent made a comeback when I pretended to be a Kiwi to escape evangelising women in a mall.

3. Finding out that the world is really too small for my liking. Damn, there goes my chance of cartwheeling in public in a bikini.

4. Being chatted up by a 30 [maybe nearly 40] year old man at immigration. I’m so going to get some Clarins anti aging product, STAT!

5. Being told that I don’t look Malay. Uhhh….

6. And last but not least, realising that I have the exceptional ability to drool like a baby even when I’m awake. Of course, this only happens when I’m tired and can’t string a coherent sentence to save my sorry ass redface

Here’s wishing all 10 of you a happy 2009!


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