Lamest Sex Me(i) Line

Okay so Foo would like to think I’m damn free at work, but I’m not. I do little quick bursts of blogs to destress [I’d go on twitter, but I don’t have many friends, ergo a waste of time].


Since I’ve been enjoying going out a wee bit of late [pun pun pun!], I’ve of course had a few encounters with boys. Like you know, friend of a friend, that sorta deal. So after a couple of whiskeys, this guy proceeds to chat me up : 


M* : Oh, so you work at Microsoft?

Him : Yes, I try to convince people that Microsoft is good.

M* : Hmm. I actually think it’s the devil, and I’m allll for open source. Like Firefox and Chrome!

Him : However, I’d like to tell people I’m Microhard.

M* : Uhhhh…..     *silent internal cringe



If I were to see him again, I’d like to say “Micro? Is it really that small? Or did you mean MACROHARD?”





Posted on January 7, 2009, in Fun fun, Malaysiana, Yuck. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. notice, he had a couple of whiskeys to work up the courage. Sometimes you scare ppl Mei. Lol

  2. Jun : I so do NOT! I’m perfectly docile and harmless. Tra la la…

  3. that…was too lame

  4. Da Audz : I KNOW. UGH. But he was kinda cute. Meh.

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