Back to Reality

AHHH back to work and reality after a very nice 1 week away.


As usual, work called for me while I was traipsing the streets of Makati city with my cousin, Justin. 


To think  that my application of leave that I’ve submitted 8 months ago would result in some serious resource planning [since I’m the most beautiful and supreme, intelligent ONLY copywriter where I work]. But no, some poor foresighted fool has decided to bombard me with all the work, 3 pitches in all to be completed in the span of 3 days. 


And apparently, as I was told by my Creative Head, if I didn’t take leave, I would’ve been able to complete my work. Which I think is a fallacy in argument, as I need to finish all my 2008 leave by 2009. 


Now excuse me while I plough through work. This fabulous, wonderful, beautiful and charming person is a superhuman writer 🙂




Posted on January 23, 2009, in Work, Yuck. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. “as I was told by my Creative Head”…

    not YOUR creative head. your creative head tells you more wonderful stuff.. like imaginary trips across endless fields of daises on your little pony.

    I think you mean, THE Creative Dickhead..

  2. Ooh tiptoe round the dasies! On pony! How’d you know? 😛

    That’s pretty creative writing, want my job?

  3. lol


    you got a kick ass job….literally.

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