Boracay Part 1

As most of you may have known, I took 1 week off from work to go to visit April [my best girlfriend] in the Philippines, celebrate Eldon and Abie’s wedding [AND pregnancy] and most of all, take a well-deserved break and enjoy some sand, sea, surf and sunburn. Before I begin, Don, you can kiss my nice tan ass because I damn well deserve this break. So, piling work onto me when I gave you 8 months notice of my 1 week leave and blaming it on me again when I get back, is a no-no.

But I digress!

I shall tempt all of your palates with an assortment of food that I’ve had the opportunity to partake during my vacation. And I must say I put on about 2kg post holiday. Maybe I haven’t had the time to take a crap yet [that’s -1kg] and my lungs were full [-500g] and I was holding onto some piss [-500g].


MAS food

MAS food

What Kel had for breakfast on board. Roti Canai served with Chicken curry. Sorta looks unappetising, but it tasted quite good. Chicken was soft and tender, and the curry wasn’t too spicy. Roti Canai a tad too oily for my tastes though, but otherwise it wasn’t leathery and pokey.



I had the waffles, which was a tad disappointing. The waffles tasted too floury, was soggy and the sad pathetic excuse of peach slices were not too happy to be accompanied by the waffles as they too, were soggy. How do canned peaches get soggy anyway?

At night, April and Tian took us out for some traditional Pinoy grub at Greenbelt. Enough of the Italian, Japanese, etc cuisine. We can’t get Pinoy cuisine in KL! First up :



Sinigang, a traditional Pinoy dish made with tamarind and simmered with ooodles of veggies. You can choose either beef, chicken, pork, lamb, squid as the meat but since this dish was beef, I couldn’t eat it [but I drank abit of the soup, though!]. Tastes like tom yum minus the spiciness, sinigang is sour [thanks to the tamarind] but yet the sourness doesn’t overpower the taste of the veggies and the meat.

Fried Shrimp

Fried Shrimp

HAHA it was THAT GOOD till I forgot to take a photo of it till after we were halfway done with it. Yes, the prawns still have their shell on, but it lends a nice crunchy texture to the prawns. The dipping sauce complements the oil in the friend prawns, making it more palatable and doesn’t leave a film of oil on your tongue after you’re done gorging on Wee Willy and his family.


Fried Pork Trotters πŸ˜€

Ahh trotters trotters. We Chinese usually stew the trotters, while the Germans roast them and bake them. I gather this dish was baked first to retain the juiciness before being dipped skilfully into a vat of hot oil to render the skin and the sinewy, fatty bits crunchy. This dish can get a tad dry for some [like me] but fret not, there’s sauce to add juiciness and a burst of flavour to the dish.


Pork Adobo and Okra with Salted Egg

Adobo is a traditional Pinoy dish that’s made with marinated meat of choice [pork here]. The usual marinating ingredients for Adobo are soy sauce and vinegar, lending to a slightly sour and salty taste. While I enjoyed the Adobo immensely, with pork bits melting in your mouth, I can’t say the same for the Okra as I found it a little too bland and the okra a tad too sticky for my liking.

Total : I don’t know, because April wrestled the bill from me. BETCH.

While in Boracay, we had tonnes of great food. First up, what’s holidaying on an island without eating seafood, glorious seafood? We went to Paradiso [or Paradise?] seafood place in Station 2.

Prawns steamed Halabos style

Prawns steamed Halabos style

Halabos style means steamed in Sprite. As in the soft drink. Steaming it in Sprite lends a sweet touch to the already fresh and sweat, succulent prawns. I obviously ate the prawns Chinese style [as in, tore the head open to suck on the juices] much to the horror of the table opposite us. I didn’t care if my mouth ulcers were protesting, all 4 of them. Story to be told later and no, it isn’t something sex related.


Lobster grilled in Garlic Butter

Ahh we [Kel, Tian and I] had the time of our lives choosing which poor sad little lobster would be the one destined for our stomachs. Since all the seafood’s priced by grammes, we decided to get this medium sized bugger and ended up with a happy little camper. The lobster was fresh, succulent and not overly cooked, and the good thing is that the majority of the sauce was at the bottom of the dish, allowing us to taste the freshness and sweetness of the meat. Naturally, I ate this Chinese style again [tearing it apart and sucking at every limb, cartiledge and what not], and the table opposite us started staring at me. Again.

Crab with coconut milk

Crab with coconut milk

I know the picture’s upside down, but I couldn’t be arsed correcting it because the pictures are making me hungry. I reckon the coconut milk overpowered the crab a wee bit, and it being coconut milk and thus very filling, made me full! But the crab was oh-so-delicious and filled with meat, unlike some of the rickety varieties of crab you get in Malaysia. Again, I tore this crab apart [sucking on legs, chewing on legs and crushing other parts of the bugger on the table] I’m surprised the table opposite us didn’t leave or come over to film me. Heathens. Pah.

Bangin' burger

Bangin' burger

Since April had allergies, while we indulged in our seafood fiesta, she indulged in a burger 😦

Total : RM321 for the whole meal + 3 rice, inclusive of drinks

And here’s a sample of what a REALLY luxurious breakfast in Boracay looks like :

Healthy Brekkie

Healthy Brekkie

I couldn’t eat rice for breakfast as my stomach’s not used to it [even if I were to have Nasi Lemak, I’d save it until mid afternoon], so Kel and I went next door to Lemon Cafe. This muesli + yogurt combo of mine was overflooded with dairy product, but nice little effect they did with the mango sauce.



Kel had a BIG Breakfast, naturally. I reckon a BB is a pretty hard dish to screw up, unless you burn the bacon, undercook the tomatoes and you just don’t know how to cook. Excuse the packet of cigerettes, I do not endorse smoking. *kicks Kel

Total : RM45 inclusive of 2 shakes

And if you’re ever in Boracay [it doesn’t cost THAT much to get there], you simply must head to Hawaiian Bar-b-que in Station 1 to give these beauties a try

Pork Belly

Pork Belly

Soft, juicy, succulent, simply melt in your mouth divine! It was hard to distinguish the fat from the meat, as the meat just simply melted in your mouth the moment you put it in. Little wonder how I managed to go through the meal without having to chew. πŸ˜€

Pork Ribs

Pork Ribs

THIS was the highlight. There was no need for a cutting knife as the meat just simply peeled off the bone effortlessly, just like peeling a thong off a slut. With a burst of flavour from the meat, you didn’t even need the dipping sauce.

Jumbo Shrimp

Jumbo Shrimp

Dipped in crumbed butter with grated coconut, the jumbo shrimp was OK. Not as fresh as Halabos prawns, Jumbo Shrimp was still juicy and the grated coconut added a tinge of island-ness to what would have been a rather bland dish.


Mango Chicken

A tad disappointing, this dish was bland and there was just too little mango salsa to go with the chicken. Skip this dish.

Total : RM200 total, inclusive of 4 rice and 5 drinks.

And that’s PART ONE of my Boracay trip. Part 2 to be updated soon, when I get the time πŸ™‚


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  1. but i dont get it, whats the big deal about eating crustaceans with your hands and getting as much meat as you possibly can?
    I’d do it to if I were there.

  2. Ya but to the gwai lous I’d probably look like some barbaric woman who’s never ate seafood before. :p

  3. mm, yummy. i’m not too fond of sucking on a prawn’s head but i’d gladly toss it to my aunt who’d finish it in a jiffy. i still pick on them with my hands if i can’t handle them with my chopsticks. never can handle prawns with chopsticks.

  4. oOooOooo so that was where you went for vacation!! nice nice.. drooling over the food!!

    oh yah did u receive the cert?

  5. Sad for putting up my poor lil burger for dinner while you guys eat seafood. Stupid drunken shrimps caused me allergies! Gahh. 😦

    I shall steal all the photos and post it up my multiply. Still havent upload my holiday pics, even my holiday pics from 2007. Beat that!

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