Colours of “A” Spectrum

Before I blog about my trip to Philippines and Boracay, allow me to introduce you to someone very special.

A little introduction, watch the video below please! [I gotta love wordpress cause it allows me to embed stuff, whee!]

Meet my Pinoy (Philipino) cousin, Ian Ng Po.

Aunty Angie, Ian, Mei

Aunty Angie, Ian, Mei

The first time I met Ian when I was around 9 / 10, and he’s a year or 2 older than I am. I remember back then being afraid of him cause he was really HUGE, plus the fact that I couldn’t understand half of what he and elder brother Justin were saying [cause they spoke with such heavy Philippino accents!]. Coupled with the fact that he’s epileptic and autistic [and me being 9/10 and a brat at that], I really didn’t wanna make nice. And he was really, really, really hyper!

At the age of 25 in 2008, Ian for the first time, picked up a camera and learned how to take photographs. And boy oh boy, are his photographs abso-fucking-lutely gorgeous. I guess you could say the artistic side comes from my dad [no idea where the motormouth / cheeky bit came from].

Although autism is a condition that is hard to understand, Auntie Angie and the Autism Society of Philippines have discovered / pioneered the use of photography as a means of bonding with an autistic child. In fact, Ian himself is more controlled and is happier now that he’s doing photography. When asked “Oh, why’d you take this picture of the boat, etc etc,”, his response would be “Oh, I like” before trotting off into his own little world.

For more information about Ian and the Autism Society of Philippines, click on the reading materials below :

Till the next time I blog about my Boracay trip,


p/s : Check out my nice tan in the photo above 😀

p/p/s : Ian is related to me through dad’s side. Dad’s sister married a Pinoy, and the rest is history 😀

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