A List of 25

and probably more.

Since I’ve got nothing that interesting to talk about [besides the fact that I went for TWO Bikram Yoga classes back-to-back on Saturday and attended 1 class on Sunday, which means my body has the consistency of jelly], I shall regale all my 3 1 readers about 25 random, useless facts about myself. This tag has been making the rounds on Facebook as well.

1. Must absolutely follow a morning ritual of waking up, yoga (where possible) and having breakfast while reading the papers and THEN having a shower.

2.Grammar and spelling queen. Just cause I’m anal that way.

3. Has recently taken up the habit of taking a crap naked. Maybe that’s why I don’t like using the office toilets – too much of a hassle to disrobe and put everything back on again.

4. Loves Guinness stout.

5. Needs to build strength in Yoga. To heck with flexibility when I can’t even push myself upright.

6. Too flexible 😦

7. Fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, Malay and pidgin Cantonese, Hokkien, German and Latin.

8. Aims to attend Teacher Training by end of 2010.

9. Used to keep a pet frog until it hopped away from the pond.

10. Guilty pleasure #1 – listening to Britney Spears.

11. Guilty pleasure #2 – throwing my sanitary waste on that annoying neighbour’s car.

12. Drinks around 4-6 litres of water a day. Probably more if I attend a Bikram yoga class.

13. Adopted a cat and named her Salabhasana. Decided the name was too long, so it’s now Bella.

14. Loves green tea anything.

15. Has gaps in her back teeth whereby veggies and meat continually like to get stuck in.

16. Loves to eat crab but is too damn lazy to peel it apart.

17. Couldn’t be arsed to apply make up to work.

18. Misses her Renault Kangoo.

19.Wants to learn how to play the clarinet.

20. Secretly [er, not so secret now?] wishes she has more narrow feet so she”ll be able to wear dainty little heels.

21. Wishes she could draw.

22. Loves the hot room and prefers the hot over the cold.

23. Hates Heineken, reckons the beer tastes like piss.

24. Wonders why is she being overworked and underpaid.

25. Wants to retire in Ireland / Scotland New Zealand.

26. Wonders why she’s liking what she does, but isn’t doing what she likes.

27. Hates  fucktards who bring on the fireworks resulting in disturbed sleep and my dog banging and clanging away.

28. I wish my neighbours, all the annoying atypical Chinese ones that is, would wake up with syphillis and fuck off to a hole and die.

29. Am currently gearing up my fitness by practising Bikram Yoga 6 times a week. That’s doubles three times a week until my car comes back.

30. I just want to build MUSCLE and gain weight, not FAT! 😦

And there you have it!


p/s : Who would like to watch Sarah Brightman LIVE in KL with me? 😀


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