WTF-us Maximus

I think I’m extremely ignorant when it comes to cars and its decos. I mean, it’s monumental enough to learn the difference between a 3,5 and 7 series, but this just takes the cake.

Please refer to Biker Extraordinare / Detailer Supreme Junaidi’s blog.


In other news, a boy becomes a dad. At 13 years old.

All together now : WTF!

I’d never thought a boy at 13 could’ve fathered a kid, but mind you, he was TWELVE when he fathered the kid. TWELVE! That’s the age gap between some siblings!

And get this. The girl he knocked up? Is 15. FIFTEEN. OH GOD this sounds like a cradle-snatching case.

Doesn’t she look like a paedo to you?

Image courtesy of The Sun

Image courtesy of The Sun

Oh GOD he’s just a kid! Having a kid! For the full story, click here.

What’s the world coming to?



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