Thunder from Down Under

No, I’m not describing my morning farts. Yes I have horrible sounding farts in the morning, so what? It’s better that than a silent-but-violent [no sound and horribly stinky] fart.

If you are possible wondering what am I on about, I’m talking about the world’s #1 male revue, Thunder from Down Under. It’s thanks to xiaxue’s blog that I’ve had the chance to know these… fine men.

And more hot action goodness here :

Ahhh if only we could get that for Tania’s hen’s. Actually, screw that, get it for my hen’s night. Since it’s too damn far away, I’ll settle for tickets as a birthday present.

If you really must know, yes I was drooling and screeching when watching the videos. Who wouldn’t?



Posted on February 21, 2009, in Fun fun. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. I hate the way xia xue talks.

  2. you know, i’d actually forgotten abt your thunder farts adi.. must be that trauma coping mechanism kicking in to help me face the trauma endured. 😛

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