The Most Ridiculous Thing

Okay so I had my wordpress window open, pondering as to what to write to kill time and update all of my 3 2 readers, when suddenly, my phone rang. 


It was Kelvin Lim that called! Woot!


No, not my boyfriend. Tsk tsk.


KL : Hey, er, you studied languages right?

M* : Er, yeah…

KL : Oh shoot, I need some help as to how to pronunce this name …

M* : Oh tell me, and I’ll give it a shot! 


So he gives me the name. After HMMing and AHHHing and throwing blind guesses in the wind, I’ve decided to call the expert on all things French and Law – Miss Lily Cheah! 😀


M* : Hello, is this Lily?

Lily : Er.. yes

M* : Hola! Que tal! It’s Mei here. 

Lily : Carmen?

M* : … No! Mei! At this point I was wondering if I should be named Car-mei, or Car-mei-cheal 😛

          Hey listen, need your help. How do you pronunce the French name … Alain ?

Lily : Ah-lang.

M* : Ah, like lalang weeds in Malay  !

Lily : LOL yes something like that.


And we spent about 2 minutes trying to get me to pronunce it right, so I don’t fuck it up for Mr.Lim.


M* : Er.. Alain isn’t CLOSE at all in pronunciation to putamadre, is it?

Lily : OH NO NO! Thank goodness for that!




LOL well, it was good catching up with you Lils 😉 Although it was for a crash course in French names!





Posted on February 24, 2009, in Fun fun, Malaysiana. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. lol @ putamadre.

  2. LOL
    WHen you said “It’s Mei” I heard “It’s me”
    So I was like.. YA la! Karen la!
    Your lalang thing was the best. But pls ya. remove the ‘l’ in front and the ‘g’ sound at the back.
    Goodd to hear from you hun 🙂

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