Lesson # 9289234

NEVER EVER let a girl who’s got stickers over her eyelids, do your make up. What’s the purpose of these stickers, I hear you ask? It’s to make it appear as though she’s got double eyelids, that’s what.


PLEASE. If you aren’t blessed with double eyelids, your options are : 

– Getting surgery to fix it. Plenty of Koreans have done it.

– Utilising make-up to achieve bigger eyes.


But PLEASE don’t waste your time and money on something that obviously doesn’t work. 


I actually like the colour, but she somehow mutilated it on me and dabbled it all over my eyelid. I now look like I’ve got fungus growing over my eyelids. And that lady didn’t even tell me what she’s doing, so when I open my eyelids to take a peek she rudely tells me “CLOSE EYES. PLEASE”. 




The perfect representation of the :( emoticon

The perfect representation of the 😦 or -_- emoticon



Picture taken in office. Top from Glampot, RM10 (MNG). Lip colour from Clarins. 





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