Friend Killer

Yesterday, I dragged Jun ‘Handsome Scientist / Detailer Extraordinare / Badass Biker’ to go for a Bikram Yoga class with me. Try it, I said. You’ll feel great and better, plus you get to lose some weight, I cajoled. After much evangelising wheedling talking about the benefits of Bikram Yoga, he finally agreed to go to a class.

I just forgot to mention that we ladies wear tank tops and short shorts [or bikini bottoms] and the men Speedos to class. 😛


BUT! I DID mention that we’d be practising Bikram’s 26-posture sequence on a room heated to around 40º Celcius. 


So on that fateful Monday evening, I dragged Jun to the Hot Torture Chamber. His first class of his life would possibly be one of my many hundreds, and also my 2nd class of the day and 4th class in 2 days. 


As usual, we started off with the Pranayama Deep Breathing. Then the Half Moon. Then the Awkward. 

By Awkward Posture [a real thigh killer, but it helps you get the nice toned legs you oh so envy of me], Jun was wobbling and breathing with his mouth open a big no-no in Yoga. It’s been scientifically proven that breathing through your mouth raises your adrenaline level, causing you to feel dizzy and nauseas


It was by Eagle that Jun sat down and seemed to melt on the floor. And I peeked into the mirror to look at him. Poor boy looked positively confused and sweaty [but not as drenched in sweat as I was]. It was then I thought : 

Oh shit. I killed my friend. Hmm. I wonder if he’ll drop me off before speeding away, never to be my friend again.





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  1. Aawww… no pics of Jun in speedos? =))


    i can only imagine a first timer.. i havent even tried the NORMAL yoga, let alone the bikram one!!

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