*jizzes in pants again

I have bought my very first Shakti Activewear top! Thanks to Mel who was in Singapore, she paid a visit to Bikram Yoga City Hall and got me a spider back top … in [what else?] Flouro Pink!


I am so excited.

And I don’t care it doesn’t come with padding. As long as my nipples stay INSIDE my top, I am perfectly okay with it distracting the perverts who ought to be practicing and looking at themselves in the mirror.

*sticks toothpicks into perverts eyes.


Weeee okay time to wash it and soak it in vinegar 😀


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  1. what does vinegar do to it?

  2. Helps set the colour in. Always soak bright coloured clothes with 1/2 cup of vinegar before washing, if you don’t want your laundry to be all colourful.

  3. aaah, so i just use the regular amount of water (as though i were about to wash it), then add 1/2 cup vinegar instead of detergent?

    I thought maybe it would ahve to do with softness,you know so the fabric is always soft against your delicate…skin.

  4. Hmm actually you should soak it first. Just enough water for your top / pants [if you have any brightly coloured ones 😛 ] and 1/2 cup white vinegar. Cause my top’s tiny, I used about 1/4 cup, lol.

    Then wash 😀

    Errrr, ahhh, you need softener for that, not vinegar >.<

  5. What she isn’t telling you, is what effect the vinegar will have on her titties.. 😛

  6. Hopefully it’ll make it bigger. Hah!

  7. That is such a useful tip for my clothes! will note that downz

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