Glass Doors, Beware.

The last time I walked into a glass door was many years ago, in uni. I’d dig the post up, but I’m just too godamn lazy [it’s somewhere on my old blog].

Today, I have managed to walk into a glass door, again. Sigh *waves arms melodramatically.

Well it was the door’s fault, really! Well, okay, it was like this : As I was walking towards the door, it didn’t open. I figured, “Oh, as I go closer, the sensor will detect me and will magically open”.


“Doo doo, anytime now”

*inches centimetres closer

“Ok! Gonna open now!”



Don’t tell me I’ve lost too much weight, that I’m too skinny now that even a door sensor won’t detect my presence.


I’m sorry if there’s atrocious grammar in this post, but you know, I just rammed into a glass door. So I’m allowed to speak pidgin English should I wish to [although I’ve always said I’d shoot myself if I ever did].


Posted on April 7, 2009, in Malaysiana, Yuck. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. is still better engrand than other ppl write.

  2. hahahaha.. don’t you like have a “somethings not right” switch that makes you stop JUST before the door? lmao

    and you speak pidgin English to me on IM all the time 😀

  3. Jun : Not really, I seriously need to speak good England again.

    Foo : Err, see, I always think that it’ll be an 11th hour miracle 😛 And IM talk is different from blog talk. Hmph.

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