Pimpelera Is Here



Iz me, Pimpelera!


Iz de zit zat thrives on Mei’s FES! Iz happy here, wiv mai two ozzer fwenz. 


Iz expecting more fwenz to kam join and PARTY on her fes. 


Iz wish Mei could be more stressed. Iz hoping we could get an EXPLOSIVE PARTY!




OKEI, iz must go nao. Hopefully she iz no be popping us.


Posted on April 9, 2009, in Yuck. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. i get the absolute worst zits ever since i started practising bikram. but only when i eat a ton of cookies or a bag of m&ms or sour candy. i tend to overdo it when it comes to these food groups. they happen almost instantly and not always on my face, sometimes on my arm or back. it’s usually only one, but it’s like 10 zits worth of hugeness and grossness and, sorry to gross out your blog. ha ha. ~m

    • At least you found out your triggers. I still haven’t found mine out yet! Am suspecting it’s the regular case of good ol’ stress that caused Pimpelara & co. to start a fiesta on my face, the cheek. [pun unintended]

      URGH tell me bout it! I not only got them on my face, but on my back so much so that the floor series was beginning to be a pain. Popped it eventually and icky yucky pus oozed out. GROSSNESS! Don’t worry, this blog wasn’t THAT pristine to start with …

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