Never Judge A Book By Its Cover …

That was the lesson that our parents have probably ingrained into us. Then again, our parents have told us to be wary of strangers, to beware the “strange looking person” who’d kidnap us and sell us to Thailand in a blink of an eye. 


Admit it, we’ve been guilty of stereotyping / forming an opinion of someone when we first meet them, hence the term ‘first impressions’. While I steadfastly hold true to it, I do try not to judge the person before I really get to know them. Until that person has proved worthy, or  royally pissed me off, that is. 


What if I showed you a picture of Susan Boyle, who took part in Britain’s Got Talent (BGT)?



Susan Boyle courtesy of

Susan Boyle pic courtesy of


I’ll be dead honest with you. My first thoughts were “Oh GOD she’s gonna crash it, this is going to be like another train wreck, oh no!”. You know, that feeling when you watch someone walking in to audition on American Idol, and you get those tingly goosebumps when they start singing because it’s just so bad!


Well, my dear 5 1 reader, I would like you to watch how Susan Boyle performed at the audition for BGT. She attempts to sing “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables. Sorry it’s a link and not an embedded video, cause I can’t find any video on YouTube that allows me to embed it. 😦 


I promise, you won’t be disappointed.




p/s : Shall blog more about my clinic when I do have the time. Or energy. Ay caramba.


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