“Eventually, in the future” …

Don’t lie, you know what the signs of practicing Bikram Yoga are. Asides from glowing perfec complexion, a bounce in every step, needing to eat and sleep less and looser fitting clothes [guilty, guilty, guilty!], you will start to use the dialogue in your daily life.


That’s right folks, phrases like “Japanese ham sandwich”, “eventually, in the future”, “flower petal blooming” and “solid, concrete, one piece unbending unbroken” start to permeate your daily vocabulary. Let me illustrate how :


“Japanese ham sandwich”

Dialogue : From the side you should look like a Japanese ham sandwich, no room or gap for light or air.

In real life : “I feel like a sandwich. Maybe a Japanese ham sandwich will fill me up”. 

When I first heard the phrase “Japanese ham sandwich” in class, I nearly fell out of the posture laughing. What on EARTH is a Japanese ham sandwich? And why Japanese? Why not Chinese ham sandwich, Bulgarian ham sandwich, or even better, a North Korean ham sandwich? Racist!


It was after 30daysofBikram on Twitter pointed out, a Japanese ham sandwich is simply a piece of ham slapped in between 2 slices of white bread, as shown below 

There’s really no gap for light or air there! 


“Get back in”

Dialogue :  “If you fall out of the posture, get back in”


You know this line very well. Heavily repeated during Standing Bow Pulling Pose. You fall out, get back in, get back in, get back in. Fall once you’re human. Get back in and finish in the posture, you’re a yogi/ni. 


“Eventually, in the future”

Dialogue :  “Stretch forward, and eventually, in the future, you will touch your forehead to the knee”.

In real life : “Eventually, in the future, you will reap the rewards of your investment” / “Eventually, in the future, he’ll get what’s coming to him”

Such a commonly overused phrased in our daily lives, dont you think?


“Solid, concrete, one piece, unbending, unbroken”

Dialogue : “Lock your knee! Your leg should be solid, concrete, one piece, unbending, unbroken YOU DO NOT HAVE A KNEE!”

In real life : “This is a solid concrete, one piece, unbending, unbroken idea” / “The strat for this plan isn’t concrete, one piece, unbending, unbroken enough I reckon” / “May I have one piece  unbending, unbroken of chocolate, please?” / “Your unbending, unbroken will” / “Unbroken , YOU DO NOT HAVE A KNEE lines should be in this visual”


Don’t roll your eyes. You know it’s true!




Now now, don’t try to tell me I need to get out of the hot room, because we all know that it’s impossible. Maybe I need to scrub my head clean and try each class as though I’m a first timer, all over again. I suppose this is good training should I go for teacher training in September, minus the fact that I don’t have enough money to pony up for tuition 😦




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  1. you know what are signs you’re a yogi and havent been going to class?

    bloody achy breaky joints and muskels.

    mine are….


  2. oh no! If only you could sign up and join 😦 Farewell achy breaky joints!

  3. nice japanese ham sandwich photo. that’s how my grandma made ham sandwiches for me, but she’s mexican! ~m

    • Interesting! Actually, that’s how most Asian sandwiches are made. Meat / egg mayo / tuna slapped in between two slices of white bread. Paper thin slivers of cucumber optional.

      Except now with globalisation, we add in pickles, fancy lettuce and salsa between two slices of rye / brown bread. Ok I feel hungry again.

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