Odd Porportions

It has come to my attention that I have an oddly proportioned body. 


Part 1 of backbend

Part 1 of backbend



Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s just my eyes, but in this picture I look like I’ve got long legs and a horrendously short torso. Oh, the cruel joke that is life. This is why Stretching Pose is such a bitch to me, and I’ll never quite get my head on top of my feet for Pada-hastasana.



But behold! My pink Shakti Activewear Spider Back top and black Shakti Activewear shorts. Wore the shorts to class yesterday, and I must say I’m very pleased that I invested part of my liver for it. *beams


On another note, take a closer look at the photo. When doing a backbend [I couldn’t do a full backbend because I *just* had a big bowl of pasta for dinner], ALWAYS lock your knees, point your fingers upwards like you’re going to touch the ceiling, and drop drop drop your head back like it’s going to roll off. A really macabre pointer : Imagine you’re Mary, Queen of Scots / Marie Antoinette or the best, Nearly Headless Nick. Just imagine that someone has decapitated you, and your head is hanging by a thread on the base of your neck. Let it roll roll roll all the way off. THEN, slowly bend backwards. I’ll post a pic of me doing a full backbend when my stomach isn’t that bloated. 





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  1. I wouldn’t attempt a pose that makes me feel like I have just been decapitated for no apparent reason -.-

    • On the contrary, it’s not supposed to make you feel decapitated. Rather, just feel the base of your neck go go go back before you bend backwards to compress your spine and wake up your central nervous system 🙂

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