Salabhasana and Bella


I have received some feedback about my blog from colleagues today.


Jook : Your blog is BORING. All you ever talk about is work and Bikram Yoga. 

Yippie : Why are you so emo on your blog? Does your boss know that you’re emo-ing him?

Dawn : You blog?


Even our ex-colleague was so kind as to say : Why is Mei’s blog so emo-like? It’s stale!


I’ve had enough! How DARE you insinuate that my blog is  a putrid petri dish consisting of hot sweaty Shakti yoga shorts sloshed with a healthy and depressing dose of work?!






Fine, okay, you’re right. It is. I shall hereby blog about my cat, Bella.


Click here to read about Bella’s [then Salabhasana] first few days in my humble abode.


Why did I rename her Bella? Well, Salabhasana was too long, said Kelvin. Plus before I could finish s aying her name she’d dart out of the room to hide under the sofa. Or chair. Or box. 


Bella is now a fat, happy [I think], mischevious cat. Kel and I spayed her in January because I wasn’t ready to become a grandmother at the tender age of 23. Plus, I don’t want other cats being chased and nipped by my labrador and golden. 


Bella is a very smart cat that came from the ‘hood. She once nibbled my mum’s toes while mum was sleeping. Naturally mum moved her toes away and chided Bella. “Stupid cat”, she said. Bella then jumped up on the stool where mum’s feet were, and slept on it. That wench. I swear she nibbles on our toes when we’re sleeping just to piss us off. Or stomp on our stomachs/face to announce that she’s hungry. 


Bella is also my very own personal alarm clock, as she comes in to my room at 7:40am sharp to meow, nudge me and demand [nicely] that I fill up her food bowl, or else. 

I’ve never found out what the other “or else” is, because once she stuck her butt in my face. Can you imagine waking up to a furry butt in your face? 


Bella is also a very high-class kitty, for one who was found by the roadside. She ONLY ever eats salmon or cod fish. We tried bribing her once with the cheaper pomfret, but she turned her nose up at it and ran away. A veritable case of divaness has caught up with my kitty. I’m starting to suspect she idolises Jennifer Lopez or Mariah  Carey and watches E! news when we’re not home. In fact, she’s so high classed, she sometimes won’t drink water out of her bowl but hop onto my mum’s mini water fountain feature and generously lap water from the spout. “Hmm, that’s why the water level has been falling so fast recently” my mum said. And before she started taking to water features, she ONLY drank water from a bowl that was filled with crystals. Yes, this kitty is certainly no Jenny from the block.


Bella also HATES cuddles with a passion. She’d meow loudly in protest when you’d pick her up. However, she does enjoy a good round or two of pats. By pats I mean, hitting her bum softly like you’re gently beating a down pillow into shape. 



Bella on Chair

Bella on Chair

This is my owner sleeping on the rattan chair. Note the ridiculous amount of towels on the left plus 2 more towels she’s sleeping on. This is the result of too much Bikram Yoga over the weekend.


Bella drinking from the Fountain of Youth & Beauty

Bella drinking from the Fountain of Youth & Beauty

I wasn’t kidding when I said she drinks from the mythical fountain.


Bella only drinks Crystal Water

Bella only drinks Crystal Water

The stars drink Kristal, she drinks crystal water.


Guarding the Fountain of Youth & Beauty

Guarding the Fountain of Youth & Beauty

Shh. Don’t piss the guardian off. 



Uncouth wench

Uncouth wench

She ONLY sleeps this way. Legs akimbo, arms wide open. Mum reckons it’s cause she always sees us sleep this way [I do NOT sleep like this!], that’s why she imitates us.


Wench Part 2

Wench Part 2


Have you ever seen a cat with no manners at all? Tsk tsk. Plus look at the multi coloured bear in the foreground of the picture. That’s her favourite toy. By favourite I mean she drags it by the neck all over the place, up the stairs, on to the sofa [where it is in the photo], to the kitchen, to the study room, to my room.


When we first brought out the teddy bear she rushed to her playpen, dragged out her pink fluffy fish toy, ran up to teddy and presented it to him. Too cute, too ridiculous, but true.



And that is all about Bella. 




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  2. whoah talk about CRM… your audience is pleased! so this is what happens when u eschew copy and find your own voice. u get a school essay XD

    btw i did NOT say it was boring. i didn’t even consciously notice the pure work/yoga content.

  3. u still sound emo 😛

  4. GREAT POST! hahaha..

    The first part especially.. loved it to bits. 😛

    Bella’s adorable 🙂 But these dang cats and their diva attitude. sigh..

    • which first bit? The part about my blog being depressing? LOL

      OK, my dogs are pining for my attention. Shall blog about them soon.

  5. WOW.

    this is groundbreaking!

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