Screeched my boss. On my last day.


Don’t worry friends, he isn’t lusting over me. Even if he was, soooo don’t want to know. *thinks of happy things, like ponies and fairies and 3 minutes of Part 2 Awkward. 


Here’s how I got my boss screeeching that at 4:50pm : 


M* : I made a new twitter friend! See, I have actual friends now, unlike you. You’ve got IMAGINARY friends. 

D : Oh, do you now.

M* : Yes. And my friend offered to send me a tank top that he designed caused I practiced some link loving! Isn’t that sweet? 

D : Wait, how’d you meet this friend?

M* : We both practice Bikram Yoga. And follow each other on Twitter.

D : Uh, and he’s sending you the top. To your house.

M* : No, he’s sending it to an orphan in Namibia. No shit, Watson.

D : Well see, now that he knows where you live, one day he’s gonna come over and stalk you and say : GIVE ME YOUR NAKED PICTURES!

M* : AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! 😯  But, people who practice Bikram Yoga aren’t crazies.

D : Says who? Just look at what I have to deal with in the office.

M* : 😀








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  1. he should have taken you to sage for having to deal with that!

    • Oh but a free lunch is still a free lunch. Plus Sage is reaaaaaallly expensive. Not to mention we didn’t have a reservation and were going to walk in wearing shorts and sneakers 😛

  2. “Don’t worry friends, he isn’t lusting over me.”

    O RLY?

  3. Men in power sometimes lust after women they can’t have AND they can’t control. Sex becomes a tool to exert power. It leads to rape.

    • Why do you think most male fantasies are about rape? Or fantasies of little school girls, office ladies, etc etc. It’s what they can’t have.

      Although on the flipside, BDSM is about power – the need to dominate OR be dominated.

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