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Bikram Yoga Workshop

Attending my very first workshop tomorrow. This should prove interesting, and hopefully I’ll be able to pick up tips and improve my (floor) Bow.

In the meantime, please excuse me while I rest in bed. What a rotten time to fall sick. 😦



Pimpelera Is Here



Iz me, Pimpelera!


Iz de zit zat thrives on Mei’s FES! Iz happy here, wiv mai two ozzer fwenz. 


Iz expecting more fwenz to kam join and PARTY on her fes. 


Iz wish Mei could be more stressed. Iz hoping we could get an EXPLOSIVE PARTY!




OKEI, iz must go nao. Hopefully she iz no be popping us.

My New Obsession

Thanks to Foo, I’ve discovered a very handy tool when it comes to stalking people on the world wide web. 


I have succesfully stalked everyone I know, even my parents. Hah! 


Espionage ahoy.

Glass Doors, Beware.

The last time I walked into a glass door was many years ago, in uni. I’d dig the post up, but I’m just too godamn lazy [it’s somewhere on my old blog].

Today, I have managed to walk into a glass door, again. Sigh *waves arms melodramatically.

Well it was the door’s fault, really! Well, okay, it was like this : As I was walking towards the door, it didn’t open. I figured, “Oh, as I go closer, the sensor will detect me and will magically open”.


“Doo doo, anytime now”

*inches centimetres closer

“Ok! Gonna open now!”



Don’t tell me I’ve lost too much weight, that I’m too skinny now that even a door sensor won’t detect my presence.


I’m sorry if there’s atrocious grammar in this post, but you know, I just rammed into a glass door. So I’m allowed to speak pidgin English should I wish to [although I’ve always said I’d shoot myself if I ever did].

One Malaysia?

Since the inauguration of our new PM last week *cough*, he has promised a ONE MALAYSIA. Apparently, this means that there is no racial segregation of any sort. 


If so, pray tell why the current ruling party has been divided into 3 sections, namely each for a race? Very strange, I must say.


Maybe we ought to tie all the cabinet ministers up, deprive them of food and force feed them a host of Yasmin Ahmad TVCs such as these gems : 








Protected: What Do I Have To Stress About?

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Lock Your Damn Knee.

Today, I woke up with two sore biceps, a wonky right knee [more on this later], a tight and sore abdominal and tight-as-a-bad-wine-corkscrew left hamstring.

Yet, I can’t wait to get back in to the hot room. Sadistic, I know.

How’d I injure my right knee AFTER class? Well, I was at home trying to learn how to lock the knee. As Bikram says, “Even when you die, I’ll be jumping on top of your coffin screaming ‘LOCK THE DAMN KNEE’ ” . I’d like to take the opportunity to remind everyone again that I prefer being cremated… So I was trying to lock the knee, when I BENT my right knee [by accident] and locked it.

Pain shot through my right knee like a mother, and I’m still hobbling around like a crab that’s lost its pinchers.

Lesson # 1 : Lock your knee. Push your knee back, contract your upper thigh muscles. Never bend your knee, or you’ll have joyful sadistic pain in that area the next 24 hours.  Same goes to you too, Jun 😛

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to feed my cat before she claws my knees.






*jizzes in pants again

I have bought my very first Shakti Activewear top! Thanks to Mel who was in Singapore, she paid a visit to Bikram Yoga City Hall and got me a spider back top … in [what else?] Flouro Pink!


I am so excited.

And I don’t care it doesn’t come with padding. As long as my nipples stay INSIDE my top, I am perfectly okay with it distracting the perverts who ought to be practicing and looking at themselves in the mirror.

*sticks toothpicks into perverts eyes.


Weeee okay time to wash it and soak it in vinegar 😀


Shakti Wishes


Why hello!


This is just a short note to show all my 5 1 loyal reader what I want for my coming birthday. 


If you all don’t know [where the hell have you been?],  I’m am on the way to pursuing my interest in Bikram Yoga. Hence, I need more clothes 🙂 More clothes being having the right wardrobe to take part in class without a wardrobe malfunction.




I love love love love the tops that Shakti has! Stylish, sexy, comfortable, and did I mention, SEXY? I love my Reebok tops too, but these are SEX in the HOT ROOM!


Romantic Vest

Romantic Vest


Doesn’t that look hot? I promise, no wardrobe malfunctions.


Spider Back

Spider Back


Sexy! Covers cleavage! Lightweight! Comes in many pretty colours! Except they had to use brown as the main image 😦


Bikini tops

Bikini Top


Covers cleavage, definitely no boob popping out. 





We all know the secret to a good practice is : SHORTS. Yes, folks, SHORTS. Shorts that stick to your ass and prevent wardrobe malfunctions [like your cunt flap popping out] plus shorts help you sweat faster as more surface area of the skin is exposed, thus helping you cool down more.


Folded String Shorts

Folded String Shorts

I tried on a pair of Mel’s and I ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY loooooved it! It just fit at all the right places, plus its high quality means that it won’t unravel like the RM40 pair I currently own 😦 Plus it comes in oodles of pretty colours!


Side String Shorts

Side String Shorts

❤ Except I seriously hope it won’t ride up my thighs during practice and flash the yogi/ni in front of me.


Fold Over Shorts

Fold Over Shorts


Dual colours! So pretty! 




For all tops and bottoms, I wear a size S [naturally].


Head on to Shakti Activewear to pick a few out for me please 🙂