Living in the Torture Chamber

Forget about going to Bikram after a night of booze, barbequed charcoal black meat [sorry, my bad! But Hazel likes them black and burnt … heh] and HAPPYness that ended at 430am for me.

It is unbelievable how HOT it is outside. I swear cars melt under this heat. I can almost practice Bikram in my front yard if I could find a full length mirror. By doing that, I’m pretty sure I’d have provided my neighbours with more gossip fodder for the week, eg :

“Oh my LORD she’s wearing THAT and showing that much skin?!”

“What is SHE DOING?!”

“I think she’s praying”

“SHE’S PRACTICING YOGA! Next she’s going to meditate and then she’s going to convert us all! HELP!”

Don’t believe me? See for yourself.


*Temperature measured in Celcius

And what a load of CROCK, it isn’t even remotely RAINING or CLOUDY where I am. Intermittent showers my flat ass.


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