The Challenge

First off, huuuuuge congratulations to mp of 30daysofbikram! She’s just completed her 30-day Bikram Yoga challenge, what a feat! Truly inspirational.

Another inspiring read is ilovesweat, who has done a class of Bikram every day for the past year. Wow. Wow. I can’t even get my solidified ass out of bed some days. But these two people are superhumans with the determination of steel that I plan to emulate.

I have decided to start my very own 100 30-odd day challenge. Why have I called it as such? Basically, I intend to do a 100 day challenge, but me being the scaredy cat that I am [plus the fact that I may not have enough towels / clothes], will be taking a 1 day break every 30 days. I intend to micro-blog about this monumental journey of mine, right after I buy washing detergent in bulk.

Day 1, class 1 – 9.00am

After a 5 day hiatus from the hot room, I am  slowly suffering the effects of an infrequent practice, much like how two lovers react after a long time apart. My mind was protesting, “Don’t go! Stay at home. Play with Bella. Eat more. Look, cookies!”. But my body was protesting. “Go! Go forth! I will seriously make you suffer if you don’t go. GO!”.

So I dragged [or rather, drove] my soppy sweat-drenched self to the studio.

About the two lovers apart analogy? Well my body was FROZEN STIFF. As stiff as a piece of 20 year old beef that’s been left at the back of a freezer for 19 years too long. I couldn’t lock my knees in pada-hastasana (hands to feet), my whole spine felt like it was going to snap into 3 pieces during the backward bend [although Erik kept on pushing me and I did go down to my maximum].

Tulandandasana (balancing stick pose) was where I have had the most corrections in my life in just 3 seconds.

“Mei! Hands up hands up, body down body down, leg down leg down. No now you’re too low! Leg up leg up, point your toes, hands down hands down!”. On the other side, I tried listening and adjusting, except that I made the stupid mistake of overadjusting and fell out of the posture. And I know now that my forward step’s too far forward, which caused me to lose my balance. Erik remarked that since I’m too flexible, I wasn’t able to “feel” which muscles to contract. “See, too good is no good”, he said. Hmm, interesting point to ponder on.

Oh and another thing I  hate most :  Stop bloody fidgeting or muttering “aiyah”, groaning, moaning or complaining under your breath. It’s distracting, and a perfect posture is light years away! Perfect thyself in the moment first before attempting to perfect the posture.

Since there’s a new gadget in class, I now know that today’s class was 34ºC when it started with 80% humidity [wtf] but the temperature rose up to a near-perfect 38ºC with a 54% humidity towards the end.

I feel great now! Can’t wait to try the 4pm class led by a new instructor.

K, time for a nappy nap. It’s too hot to even think. And I’m so touched, my mum bought a huge dragon fruit just in time for the start of my challenge!


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  1. the woman next to me, during my 1st class, total gym bunny, often shakes her head in despair and grunts at mentions of locked knees.

    do you think there’s fidgeters at bytt?

    the second class was so humid, and the humidity was all the way off too. it really got to some people.

    dragon fruit~high in vitamin c and calcium which is good if you sweat a lot.

    • Tell me bout it! Especially those doing other sorts of yoga where the knee is bent, they tend to throw evil stares at the teachers at the mere mention of “locked knees”. Am currently blogging about my BY workshop [soooo much content to filter through, ugh], where the speaker was talking about the goodness of locked knees.

      I doubt there’d be fidgeters. Everyone who’s going has to have a strong practice and be signed off by their studio director. So hopefully they [studio directors] have some sense in not sending those who are not mentally / physically prepared. Though if I get a fidgeter at bytt I swear I’ll bundle him/her up in my towel. Even though the chances of them being twice my size is high. eeeep!

      Overly humid classes are not fun. I had a few of those, I was dehydrating by the time I hit the floor series and started going numb. That’ll teach me not to load up on electrolytes 😦

      Oooh does calcium leak out when you sweat? Didn’t know that, only thought that whatever comes out in sweat would be ammonia, sodium [salt] and magnesium. Not an important mineral like calcium! But thanks for the tip 😀

      • firstly, sodium and magnesium are just as important as calcium!

        we mostly sweat out sodium, chloride, calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorous (dragon fruit is also high with pot. and phos.)

        ha ha, those other yoga practises. like when they step their leg out before they go into garurasana. the bent knees for dandayamana-dhanurasana are the best though, ha ha.

      • True true. But calcium intake is a real big thing over here, what with the cases of osteoporosis.

        Oh wait wait, get this. Bent knees for tulandandasana! Why? Because it’ll help protect your knees. So there I was in a class of 80 odd during an event, and I was thinking “What on earth is this woman on about? NOW my knees hurt, damnit!”

        I say live and let live, but I can’t agree with the bent knee!

  2. i have a nerve problem. every so often, about 17 times a day, I get fidget fits.
    In the morning on the way to work with helmet already on, my whole face will start to bitch. Scratching is useless with helmet on.

    Then during a seminar or a talk body MUST make me feel itchy for no reason. But when I’m doing other things it doesnt surface.RAARR Benci

    • Eh, that’s strange. Maybe the fidgets are psychological and are triggered by boredem?

      Come back to BY, you know you miss it! *wink wink nudge nudge

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