Hunger Pangs

Day 2, class 3, 4pm

BIG BIG BIG mistake to be a grazer on a challenge. Lack of energy + overdose of electrolytes doth a sweaty hyper strong-weak-strong Mei maketh.


Slice of toast with butter


Toast with butter

Ooodles of fruit and nut mix

A spoonful of rice stolen from my mum’s lunch

2 measly pieces of fish crackers

2L of lemon + sea salt + honey mix

I initially wanted to order in McD’s [woo, value lunch is now on McDelivery! EXCITING! No wonder more Malaysians are getting obese]. Mmmm Spicy Chicken McDeluxe! MMMM Fish o Fillet!

So I tweeted my intentions because you know, I was bored at home. @ilovesweat tweeted back : McD’s? Never!

I felt so guilty I decided to skip the Guilty Sunday. *pout.

In class there was a new guy. Yes, he was a huffer [ie huffs for breath]. Well let me describe him. You know THAT guy in a bar? THAT sleazy, socially awkward guy hiding in the corner? The one that leers at women or checks out EVERY SINGLE LIVING THING ON 2 LEGS WITH A VAGINA? Oh look, it looks like he’s putting his hand into his pocket… WTF IS HE MASTURBATING FURIOUSLY?!

Yes, he gave me the creeps. I had to move from my chosen spot in the room to the front row, thereby putting Mr.Dodgy in my line of sight. ROAR! I moved a mat away, but I COULD STILL SEE HIM! I did not like the vibes he was giving out, at all.

Yes yes, I know they say yoga practicin’ peeps such as myself are all supposed to be docile, tree-hugging, peace-loving, let’s-sing-by-the-bonfire-and-hold-hands-and-have-a-big-orgy-after-we-sing-3-verses-of-swan-lake-offkey.  Maybe I’ll have to have a get-to-know-you-session, then I may be less biased.

Since I am on a roll, I would like to rant about this family that comes. FOR FUCK’S SAKE please buy a padlock to lock your locker! The yoga room is NOT YOUR FUCKING LOCKER. Not only is it inconsiderate IF or when your damn cellphone rings, your bags block the line of sight for teacher and student alike. FUCK YOU if you think you paid membership and can put your bags anywhere you want, be FUCKING considerate you Chinese swine [I’m Chinese myself, so this exempts me from racism].A damn padlock doesn’t cost your kidney.

Class today was ok. Thought I was going to die when the balancing series hit, but I managed to pull through and finished class, though I felt like skipping the 3rd part of salabhasana (locust pose, not my cat).

Hmm, maybe all this hunger is resulting in all this anger. Time for my midnight snack. ROAR!


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  1. you made me laugh today, but, oh my god, i feel so guilty. i should *never* ever be an influence to not indulge in guilty pleasures. please go to mcdonalds twice now. once for me and once for you. i think i’d like to try the fillet o fish. i remember liking those little square pieces of fish and the tartar sauce on the hamburger bun. Hmmm, mcds is actually a very close bike ride away….

    confession: there was a sale, 2 for $1, m&ms, snickers and reeses peanut butter cups. i got one of each, plus an extra m&ms. i bought them before bikram and when i was packing my bag after class, some people saw and made jokes about it. my point? indulge, you work hard enough!


    • Yum yum! I shall go once this week, and once next week. Ironically enough McD’s *was* a client of mine [back in the days when I was working], so looking at all those yummy photos were too much!

      Yum yum, I loooooove reeses! It’s too bad that reeses is really hard to get here. And yes, indulge indulge indulge. You’ll burn it all in the hot room anyway!

  2. fucking hillarious
    (this message is from another PC)

  3. We shall not indulge Meiz in her outbursts of bitchiness!

    It was not funny at all *shakes head* no no..

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