Circling In My Sleep

The one good thing about Bikram Yoga? You need less and less sleep. In the 2-3 months that I’ve been upping my practice, I find that I need anywhere between 4-5 hours of sleep and I’m still a happy chipper camper. No coffee. No drugs either. If you want to stay up late doing another all-nighter at the office, come practice Bikram Yoga.

The one bad thing that accompanies this good thing? I need a new hobby. Slept at 1am, woke up at 6am bright eyed and bushy tailed. After tossing around in bed and annoying the sleeping owner cat, I went back to bed and woke up again at 815. Since I am so damn free oh stop with the hate, guys! I definitely need something to keep me occupied. A cheap-ish hobby that doesn’t require much thinking would be great. And I absolutely detest sudoku. Numbers and Mei are about a useful mix as egg and chocolate.

Day 3, class 4. 8pm

Ate a yam cake 2 hours prior to class. The shallot toppings must be filled to the brim with artificial flavourings or preservatives, because halfway through class [during ustrasana – camel posture, actually], that was the first thing that was stuck at the back of my throat.

It was utterly disgusting.

After class I rushed to the toilets like an ape on fire and attempted to chuck everything out. It probably sounded like some failed bullimic attempt, because all I ever chucked out was a little bit of water and spittle.

And my back still hurts. I’d desperately pay for a dainty little woman to come jump on my back. Hmm, wonder if my mum would do it for free.


On a non-Bikram Yoga side of life [I DO have a life outside of the hot room. Really.], I bought 5 books for a steal at a book sale near my place. And I’ve just realised – shit, I’ve bought truckloads of books in the past 2 years. More books than clothes and shoes! The blasphemy! Noooo Yippie and Justine, don’t tempt me. Noooo!

Right, time to go. I’d hate for the Fish o Fillet to cause a lump on my belly. Yes, I had that Fish o Fillet! 😀


p.s : Ya no me entiendes.


Posted on May 5, 2009, in Bikram Yoga, Fun fun, Malaysiana. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. you are so trendy—first @bikramishot throws up, now you’ve got to throw up too?

    Mmmmmm, mcd’s fish sounds so good right to a hungry, lazy yogi.

    spanish too? how many languages do you speak?

    • Just proves that a bad diet will show up during class 😦

      Hablo 4 lenguas, – ingles, malayo, espaNol y italiano. Un poquito de mandarin y un poquito de 3 otros dialectos. ¿Hablas espanol tambien?

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