My Husband Sings

Here’s something little light to make your day. It certainly made me swooooooon and cringe and laugh at the cheapness of the video!

“Quiero Que Me Quieras [I Want You to Love Me]” is a cover of a Cheap Trick song. Last covered by Letters to Cleo, “I Want you to Want Me” for the soundtrack of “10 Thing I Hate About You” RIP Heath Ledger.

I just wished he’d left the sombrero hat on, because oh LORD was that a damn balding spot? Or maybe it was just the haircut?

And the CHEESY EFFECTS and COSTUME! Prussian blue and flouro pink? Srsly? The background was sooooooooooo bad you can barely make the outline of the green screen. HAHAHA!

And the dancers! Oh the dancers. They are so not hot. It should be ME up there! Minus the fact that I’m short and I don’t have a killer body. Plus I’m not Mexican. Actually, his accent sounds like it’s Argentinian in this video. Hmm.

I’ll be humming “Yo te vi, yo te vi, yo te vi estAs llorando” the whole day now. Urgh.


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