Starving To Death On An Island

No, this isn’t the script of a telenovela that I’m writing, nor it is a title of some F-Grade horror movie.

Can you imagine been cast off to a mangrove island with no food or water, to be left there to starve and die?

Let’s not get started about the mosquitoes and how you’ll need Superman grade strength repellent.

Please help to donate to a mission that helps rescue strays that were cast off on an island by idiotic, unkind, uneducated people. Or send some prayers if you’re not financially well-to-do. Even get the word out to other people.

This starving writer can afford to skip 2 lunches for this. These sort of atrocities I read all the time make me BLOODY ASHAMED to be Malaysian. I hang my head in shameand will stop eating Malaysian rice for 1 day in support of Sabrina’s mission. Oi, this is really hard, as 1 day without rice is akin to cutting off my oxygen supply.


p.s : HAH, this means I can gorge on McD’s for 1 day. That and eat Spaghetti out of a can and eat like a Russian.

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  1. arent they strays? mongrels?

    I dont get it. In other countires these pests are put down all the time I know exactly where to take the neighbor’s dog now.
    seriously mei,
    if you lived with me and heard that dog everyday, you’d want to do the same. Woofing at a strange passerby is fine with me but this is too much.

    • Stray or not, no living being has the right to die due to Man’s stupidity.

      Malaysian vets MUST put their profit-grabbing mind in the jar and exercise compassion and generosity and DEMONSTRATE THEIR LOVE FOR THEIR PROFESSION by offering FREE or CHEAPER neutering / spaying services.

      And to think I wanted to study vet science.

      Talk to your neighbour. If all fails, report them to the council. Or throw eggs at their house.

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