Milk Me!

Day 4, class 5. 6:15pm

I begged to be corrected for tulandandasana (balancing stick pose) today.

Still need to build strength on the LEFT side of my body, whereas the right side’s strong, but not as flexible. Either or, I’m waiting for the day in the challenge where I stiffen up and have to rely on strength and not flexibility.

I’ve noticed lately when doing backbends, my monkey mind keeps on muttering “No no no no no I’m not gonna do this. Let’s just skip this part now, shall we? Oh come on, we shall take it easy peasy, kill yourself the second set!”. But how hard is it to tune it out and listen whilst the instructor is screaming “Stretch up, chest up, go back way back fall back try to fall down backwards push push push fall back way back more back go back one day you are going to touch the floor” ?

Turns out, it’s quite difficult. I’d have to tell my monkey mind, “Shut the HELL up. I’m doing the posture, and if I die or get crippled in class, he’ll have to cart my twisted body out”. And whaddaya know, I’m halfway backwards looking at the floor. And I’ve also noticed, the good classes that I’ve had were when I bent backwards. Unless it’s a week leading up to Monthly Bleed, then hell hath no fury like my ovaries thrashing and releasing hormones that don’t allow for flexibility.

Sigh. It’s good to be a guy.

Today the instructor came over to squueeeeeeeeze and clench my hands tighter in ardha-kurmasana (half tortoise pose). And WOW did I feel the change in my shoulders. A-ha, I thought. This must the SUPER SECRET SQUIRREL technique! Well, not really SSS, but just another way of going deeper into a pose.

Towards the end of class, I had this strange craving for a nice, tall glass of cold milk. The full fat creamy kind, not the watered-down lo-fat high-calcium no-taste milk. After class, was talking to a few members and they planted ideas of having ais kacang or cendol after class! Oh man I could really do with cendol right now, even after my glass of milk and tin of soy milk. Gaaah!


OK now that the nice yogini is out, it’s time for the NICER Mei to make an appearance.

Went back to my old office to pass the cancer sticks cigarettes to some colleagues who decided to buy 1 carton at RM70. The deal is this : my friend sells it to me at RM70. I sell it to FRIENDS or PEOPLE I LIKE for the same price. No point in being too greedy, right? Anyway, I’m indulging their addiction during this recession. Again, I’d like to reiterate for those who didn’t get it right the first time round : I DO NOT MAKE ANY MONEY OUT OF YOUR PURCHASE. Not a single cent. Although it would be nice to have some extra money since I am UNEMPLOYED until further notice. And by further notice I mean : TILL DECEMBER 2009 IF ALL GOES WELL.

“Working” for the family does not mean I get paid. Even if I do, it’s in food and “Let me help you out with car payments”. That sort of thing. So my Shakti dreams will have to wait, unless you know of someone who wants to buy a kidney.

And what do some people say when they discover that it’s Duty Free cigarettes?

“Oh, duty free. Sure taste like shiet”.

Oh, wow.

The audacity in saying that. The goodness of my heart in wasting RM10 [or more] in petrol to go to Mid Valley under the blistering sun, paying RM1 for parking, walking up from P4 in Gardens all the way up to Northpoint. AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. And yet you can come and say “Oh sure taste like shiet”.

Can I get a “THANK YOU”? I should have charged RM75 for that. At least it’ll cover my petrol and parking.

How ungrateful.

The upside of travelling all the way there was meeting Za, Tiffany, Tay and Jessie for lunch. Huge props to them for my lunch! It’s ok guys, I think I can fend for myself till December. In which case, is anyone keen on buying a kidney?


p.s : Anyone who wants to buy from me now, it’s RM75. Hey, I gotta cover the cost of parking and petrol. Unless you’d like to waste YOUR PETROL to come to my house in Subang Jaya. It’s still RM75 in that case because I need to go out and see my contact.

pps : May be waived to RM70 if I like you.

*Apparently Duty Free cigarettes “taste like shiet” because of its [lower?] nicotine content. I wouldn’t know. I crushed my last cigarette under my stilettos a year or more ago and never had the luxury of shit tasting cigarettes.


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  1. mmmmm, cigarettes. that’s one thing i did have to give up when i started practising bikram! and one thing i really miss too. still love the smell though.

    i empathize with you, but, being a guy is not as easy as you would think. trust me.

    mmmmm, milk. i’ve forgotten to buy milk twice now. must drink more water to compensate. we have well water on the property here, it’s high in all minerals, i think.

    • I don’t miss it at all. I can’t even stand the smell! I’d shoo my ex boss or ex colleagues who came too close to me after a smoke. But the weird thing is that until 9 months ago, I’d used to crave ciggys a week before THAT time of the month.

      Being a guy is way easier. You don’t have to adjust for wardrobe malfunctions during class, you can wear speedos, hunting for BY wear is way easier … etc etc.

      Spring water is cleaner and tends to have more minerals, but better to give in to temptation 😛

  2. shhhhhh.

    ALL ciggies by default taste like shit, therefore nothing tastes like shit. muahaha. by all means why didn’t you add on transport tax/fee RM5. still well worth it.

    i buy you drinkies k? ❤

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