Day 5, class 6. 6:15pm

That was EXACTLY how I felt after class today. The instructor wasn’t feeling too well, so he taught an easy-peasy-lemon-squeeze class. So easy, I felt like shaking him and yelling like a drill sargent to please, please, please torture us.

I paid for it, after all.

I always feel good after a torturous class. During class however, I feel like I’m dying, my legs are going to break into 5 pieces and my core is going to be as glazy as a Krispy Kreme doughnut.

I now have a sore neck, heavy head, and general lethargy. I don’t make much sense as I type this, so fare thee well.


p/s : Just re-read my post, and WTF, all my paragraphs began with “I”.


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