I, Heart Burn.

Today I woke up to the brilliant, lovely and revitalising smell of acrid smoke hanging around in the air.

Yes folks, The Haze is back.

For my friends overseas, The Haze isn’t Hazing 😛 It’s when farmers in Indonesia cut, slash and burn forest for agricultural purposes. Due to the hot and dry weather over here, the smell + smoke + pollution travels over to Malaysia to give its residents a host of health problems, including but not limited to skin rashes, asthma and bronchitis. Can be solved by rain, or educating those eejits.

I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE The Haze with a passion. Not only is the smell of burnt god-knows-what is lingering in my throat and nose, it presents visibility problems at its worst.


Day 7, Class 8, 9am

What craptastic weather to begin the day with! The foul stench was lazily curling its long, sharp and hooked talons into my nose, causing it to itch, cough and wheeze.

Things got worse in class, as I started coughing, sneezing and was generally weak during the warm-up series. I resembled a pathetic tofu dish being tossed around violently like a salad. It didn’t help that sweat [yes, sweat!] was going UP my nose, causing me to feel very uncomfortable. Yes, I did sneeze a coupla times, to which the instructor asked “Did you just come back from Mexico, Mei?”. I wanted to reply with an “OINK!” but since there was a Muslim in the class, I decided not too. Hmm, wonder if he’ll come back.

Was supposed to do a double, but I still feel too damn weak, coupled with a case of heart burn [where’d that come from?!], I’ve decided to rest up and be one with the remote control.


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