Say NO to Curry!

After practising for about 1 week non-stop, I’ve realised one big change in the way my body works. And no it’s not the usual “No more sinus / asthma / bronchitis” thing. That’s for next time. What I have to give up in my diet now is : spicy food.

😦 How can a Malaysian give up spicy food?! Cili padi, chilli oil, CURRY, laksa 😦 Farewell, my favourite foods!

Just noticed this today, when I was wondering what on earth could be the cause of my stomach problems [gas, indigestion, heart burn] plus just overall feeling of crappy-o-la-ness. Tracked back my diet since Thursday… and wa-la, a curry on Thursday and spicy rattatouille on Saturday made me sick. Sick sick sick sick sick. I’m talking about my-stomach-feels-bloated-and-I-look-like-a-bloated-carcass sort of sick.

Now that I know, it’s less curry and more veggies in my diet. So long, fish head curry! 😦


Day 8, class 9, 9am

Woke up at the ungodly hour of 730 to prepare myself for class. Gulped down some cereal drink and whoosh, I was out of the door … to head to the toilet.

I had the runs. @#$#@%#$^

So I skipped out the second set of dhanurasana [the feeling of food moving through your gut that threatens to explode itself in the face of the person behind you is rather … disturbing].

Ugh. So giving up spicy food starting now. 😦



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