Detox Max?

I am beginning to take note of what I eat and eliminate foods that give me stomach trouble. By stomach trouble I mean – gas, bloating, and indigestion. Have you suffered all 3 over 3 days? Not fun! Especially when you’re walking. By walking I mean, waddling like a penguin with a stomach as bloated as a carcass. Don’t get me started about going to bed with that amount of bloat. You’d wake up with monstrous farts loud enough to wake Tutankhamun and light up the Vatican with the leftover gas.

So I have figured [in good faith, mind you], that my body is, in its own wicked and cruel way, detoxing and telling me what NOT to eat. I guess I’d rather have gas over pimples on my face [I am THAT vain!] or diarrhea [really, who wants to have that?].

My OK list so far include : Rice [thank goodness], nuts, raisins, fish, veggies [all sorts as of now], fruits, clams, pau and I-forgot-that-name-of-the-desert.

The EAT AT YOUR OWN PERIL list include : rice cakes [ugh, overprocessed food anyway], curry, chilli, prawn crackers.

I guess my mum would be happier if I told her that I’d only eat veggies from now on. That’d save money on groceries. On the other hand, I suspect she’ll want to force feed me with more meat.


Day 9, Class 10, 6:15pm

Oy vey. The heat the heat the heat. The heat outside is 34ºC, and the heat INSIDE the studio is 40ºC. Or maybe more!

My lower back[I think it’s my coccyx?] hurt during a backward bend today. But no fear, it’s good pain, right?

That lump of scar tissue I had from where I ripped my stitches apart nearly 4 years ago is bothering me during Paschimottanasana. Imagine feeling an ick ball-type lump on your left as you’re trying your best to stretch. Ick ick ick ick ick.


p.s : Re-reading my old post, I can’t believe how I stuck with my ex for 2 years. The old me would say “I hope they reserve a special spot in hell for you, raking up Satan’s piss”, but I’ll do with “I hope you never ever discover Bikram yoga”.


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  1. well.. since you’re already on yoga and proven to be quite the masochist, ever tried “Eat Right for your blood type” ? Me thinks it’s right up your alley.

    • Why thanks for the tip! Unfortunately half of what I ‘should’ eat based on that dietary plan is what I *can’t* eat at the moment. Factor in that I don’t eat beef and the only thing I can follow on that plan is … pork.


      I’ll eat what my body wants to eat for now, and see how it goes. Hopefully I don’t swell up to a balloon by week’s end. :\

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