That 7 Minute Itch

Quick one as I want to catch CSI:NY 😀

Since I am quite stubborn and blonde and stubborn [my Chinese astrological sign IS the ox, afterall!], I helped myself to a teensy winsy itty bitty bit of prawn crackers before class. Alongside some fruit and nut mix.

So regretting it now.

I have rashes the size of Mongolia on the back of my neck, a colony of angry welts on my right upper thigh and did I mention how I just feel so damn itchy everywhere? Itch itch itch itch itch itch itch itch itch itch OK STOP. Itch itch itch …

ARGH FUCK now I have it on my face! 😦

Itch itch itch itch itch HOW AM I GOING TO BED TONIGHT?


Day 10, Class 11, 615pm

Started off relatively strong but had to take a breather for the second set of trikanasana.

Boy oh boy did I start to dehydrate like a sponge when I hit the floor. Did 1 set each of the spine strengthening series. By ardha kurmasana, I was down for the count. I lay down on the floor thinking “Oh hello, is this what space travel feels like?” because all I could feel was like a cloud floating by a city. That and the fact that I was cramping in my hands and legs and neck [sure sign of dehydration] brought me down to earth. PLUS THE FACT that I *JUST* got my period 2 hours before class took a toll on my energy as well.

Urgh. If I were a guy, the only thing I’d have to worry about would be blue balls and adjusting my nutsack during certain floor postures, not worrying about bleeding all over the towel. Which brings me back to my next point : Why does my studio give free WHITE TOWELS away, seeing as how 70% or more of its members are FEMALE?



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  1. I thought prawn crackers gave you flatulence.. not rashes haha..

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