Love Me Tender

Ahh, feels nice to be back in the room after a 1 day break.

Yes, technically, I’m NOT supposed to take a day off but yesterday I was too sick. My insides felt like it was punching each other to get out, and I broke out in cold sweat. Yes, cold sweat in tropical weather. So I had to take a nap sans the fan, which helped a teeny bit. Bloody mensturation [pun not intended]. I’ve never cramped THIS BAD since aaaages!


Day 11, Class 12, 615 pm

A little stiffer than before, but managed to stay upright throughout class 🙂

So time-of-the-month means that my back aches and I feel stiffer than usual. And also it strikes fear in my heart when I do sit-ups (holy crap is my tampon gonna pop out?) and most floor postures (am I going to announce to class that I’m bleeding?).

And with that, I bid thee farewell and HELLO to my dinner of brown rice, salmon with home made sun dried tomatoes, steamed chicken Hainanese style and salad. My mummy is the bestest cook ever.



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  1. sounds like dinner was the highlight of your day! salmon and rice is one of the yummiest combos ever.

    oh yeah, avocados are pretty expensive here too. my friend bought one at the farmers market yesterday for $2~it was big enough to maybe split up for two salads, but they get more expensive in regular markets. i couldn’t have them if they din’t grow in the backyard!

    • Actually, lunch was! It was rice + olive oil with the steamed chicken, plus soup.

      Gasp, you are too lucky. The only produce I have growing in my garden is a pathetic lime tree that yields maybe 2 limes a year if we’re lucky.

  2. I just caught up on all your latest posts. I like your posture clinic notes, thanks.
    I think the food stuff is the most interesting thing. The other day I made a quesadilla just so I could load it up with jalapenos! I’m a new fan of papaya enzymes. I eat a few tablets after any meat meal and it totally helps me digest. And I have a friend that eats them after spicy meals and he doesn’t get that sick stomach the next day.

    • It IS isn’t it, how we all suddenly crave the weirdest things during / after practice [peanut butter + banana + maple syrup sandwich anyone?].

      Those papaya enzymes sound interesting, thanks for the tip! In lieu of papaya enzymes if they’re too expensive, d’you reckon that a whole papaya might do the trick instead?

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