Du Wop Du Wop

I seem to be getting lots of spam in my comments lately. Thank goodness for filters on this wordpress blog.

After 2 weeks of practice, I seem to be building scary muscles on my biceps. By scary I really mean COOL – I can flex my arm muskels by the way why is bicyCLE pronounced with a hard sound, but musCLE is soft? and marvel at the fact that I’ve got more muskel mass than 90% of the males I know. Yes yes technically your penis is a muscle, but you need ahem, blood supply to be diverted to the area. *flexes arms. I don’t! 😛

My mum and I are slowly turning into vegetarians. Just during dinner I was trying to count the number of times we’ve had meat this week [thrice], and it’s mostly fish or chicken. It’s been aaaages since I last had pork or lamb in the house. Adding on to the fact that my mum plans to stock up on homemade sundried tomatoes [YAY!] and soon expand this range to include capsicum and brinjals made me think that in her past life, she was probably Italian. That and how she swears on the goodness of olive oil and uses it on everything, except our pets.


Day 12, Class 13 (9am) and Class 14 (4pm)

Woke up feeling like the living dead. If last week I was chipper and happy after 5 hours of sleep, this week’s been the opposite. Absolutely MUST sleep the usual 8-9 hours. Missed out on class yesterday because I was napping, and what a good nap it was because drool-crust formed.

Was stiff during the morning class [of course, it’s 9am!], but much more limber during the afternoon. Teacher used a finger to prod my hip during the backward bend to make me go back more. That guy knows when I want to wriggle my way out of a back bend! I know back bends are good for me but heck, the last time I went too deep in a back bend it felt like my tampon was gonna burst through and drop on the floor.

Managed an awesome bhujangasana today, and now my back hurts. But oh well, pain heals the pain, that was certainly true for my carpal tunnel. Ick ick ick.


p.s : I now crave caramel. I wonder what nutrients are in it, besides sugar…


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  1. not sure of the nutrient value, but caramel *is* part of the candy food group, so you do need a certain amount daily. ideally with chocolate wrapped around it too. ~m

    • Just did a quick google check on the “nutrient” value of caramel, and found that it contains trace amounts of Vitamin A, Potassium and get this – calcium.

      Yum yum, that sounds like fun. Argh, why do you tempt me so?! 😦

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