I initially wanted to rename this post “I, Suck”, for I, the sickling, has had to skip another class of Bikram, AGAIN.

This is getting really frustrating to me. I seem to be falling sick all over the place, and today’s sickness is = The Runs. The unimaginable need to take a dump at the MOST INCONVENIENT OF TIMES [during breakfast, watching a movie, etc, etc]. Or maybe it’s just my body detoxing? But  nevertheless, stay out of the hot room I shall, for I do not fancy leaving class halfway or having the time of my life trying to contain fecal matter for the next 90 minutes.

Speaking of which, do any of you ladies who’ve been practicing for a while experience any … pop-pop-popping feeling / sensations in your lower abdomen [specifically your ovaries] during dhanurasana? Or maybe it’s just food that’s passing through my gut. But whatever it is, that popping feeling is nasty [ick ick ick] and I really want to know if this is common with anyone else because that ick feeling is what makes me drop out of dhanurasana 5-6 seconds early.

And wa-hey, like that it’s time for biddy bye. I’ve turned into a nocturnal creature over these past few weeks. Right now it takes me 3 hours before I’m actually awake. Talk to me before the stipulated 3 hours and you’ll either be treated to a blonde performance by yours truly or a *grunt to every question you ask.



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  1. Mei,
    that popping noise sounds awful! i just looked in my anatomy coloring book to see if anything looked like it could be the thing. Nada. are there any instructors that are good at anatomy?
    So sorry you’re sick. When I’m bleeding (i mean my period here) i have an even harder time with my stomach. Could it be that coupled with the strenuous bikram and the change in diet? You have a lot to tease apart, it seems. maybe miso and rice for a couple of days? i know this is hardly helpful, but good luck figuring it out and remember you set an intention not an expectation! (another great thing the guest teacher said today.)

    • Thanks for the riso {rice + miso] tips! I finally have something else to add to my diet, because the staple in my house for runs is dry bread and green tea. After 24 years of runs, it gets sorta ugh to eat the same thing 😛

      Hmm, there’s only ONE female instructor where I’m at, I could try asking her. I doubt any of the male instructors will symphathise with my popping ovaries.

      And that’s a really good quote, shall take it to practice later on. Namaste! 🙂

  2. the runs are actually a side effect of having hugh jackman on the mind. it happens to everyone, most of us are too embarrassed to talk about it though.

    • Blasphemy! No! Take it back! 😦

      Although it could be a REALLY BAD chat up line, “You’ve been running through my system all day long”.


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