“Hello, Public Bank?”

It is indeed very unfortunate that my home landline is similiar to a bank. Every day, EVERY single working day there is some poor sod who calls my home to either

a : Angrily ask to speak to a manager

b : Enquire about home / car / student / body loans

First time the person calls, I say “Wrong number” politely and hang up. If the same person calls back 2,3, more times in a row and INSISTS he dialled the correct number, so help me God….

So today another woman called asking to speak to some sort of manager. Me being me, I decided to have a little fun. Very harmless fun.

#1 : Hello, can I speak to the Consumer Advice Manager?

M* : Haaaa?

#1 : The MANAGER. This is Miss Lee calling.

M* : Manager sudah keluar cik, dia pi ambik mayat dari hospital. [The manager’s out miss, he went to collect corpses from the hospital.]

#1 : What?! Is this Public Bank?

M* : Bukan! Ni Rumah Mayat Mehsia. Cik nak buat tempahan tak? Bulan ni kita ada special…. [Nope! This is Malaysia Body Farm, would you like to place a booking? This month we’ve got a special package…]

#1 : *hurriedly Ok sorry *hang up

Another man called my line THREE times to angrily insist that I am, in fact, someone from Public Bank who is not taking his calls. He also threatened to call my “manager” to complain about my “attitude”. To which I cooly replied, “I have told you THREE TIMES that this is a RESIDENCE not a BANK. But if you insist that this is the number to a bank, then fine. Hello, Pubic Bank here”.*

He never called back.  I wonder why…


* Inspired by my mum, who was so frustrated that she once muttered “Bank bank bank. Pubic Bank more like it!”


Posted on May 20, 2009, in Fun fun, Malaysiana. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. hhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeehehehehehehehe

  2. That was pretty damn funny lolll

    You could tap some bank account numbers u know 😛

  3. that’s a good idea. start asking for account numbers and passwords when people call. i won’t tell if you promise to pay for my tt too!

  4. Why thanks guys, I never thought of tapping into some accounts for monetary gain!

    This is why they call me blonde. *forehead palm.

    ilovesweat : Shh. Keep it down. We’ll go 60-40 on this, k?

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