All Fired Up

Day 13, Class 15, 615pm

You know what they say about distractions in class? Ignore, and it shall go away / Don’t let anyone steal your peace, etc etc? Well, today during bhujangasana up to salabhasana, the fire alarm went off. So amidst the clanging the poor instructor had to yell out instructions “Elbows down towards the hips / Look up, go up, more up, way up”. The damn alarm had to go off periodically during poorna-salabhasana as well. I think the instructor got quite a fright, as he opened up the doors and windows [NO! It’s COLD ffs! I screamed in my head] and turned off the heaters.

If you’re wondering why we all didn’t evacuate, the instructor DID want to herd us all to safety, but I piped up and said that tis not the first time it’s happened. What, and miss out on spine strengthening series? 😛



Posted on May 21, 2009, in Bikram Yoga, Fun fun, Malaysiana. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. can you imagine 15 odd half naked yoginis crowded outside True Fitness?

    • *roll eyes.

      If Hugh Jackman / Daniel Henney / Zachary Quinto / Gael Garcia Bernal were practicing next to me… [fill in the blanks]

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