You Know The Answer

Since I missed class yesterday evening [damn traffic conditions] as I had to pick The Mother up from the airport, I scooted off to class this morning to do a double.


Day 13, Class 14, 930am

Had the MOST corrections handed out to me on a silver platter, which I took willingly and allowed the instructor to spank me silly with the platter after he was done torturing me. In other words, WOO I got served!

Truly appreciate the corrections. During ardha chadrasana, he said “Learn how to use your muscles, Mei! Don’t rely on your flexibility. You know I heard during training this guy injured his spine because he’s so flexible?”. Cue me looking visibly horrified ie : slack jaw and huge eyes [hello, how big can Asian eyes get?] during the posture. It was quite hilarious, come to think of it. My face, not the injured guy.

Another correction was during tuladandasana. “Suck your stomach in! Get your arms up arms up, legs down legs down”. I’m so proud I didn’t wobble out during the first set of the posture, woot! Yes, woe betide flexible people who have no strength.

Ustrasana, ustrasana. How I *HATE* and *LOVE* you with such passion. Did some minor tweaking during and after class [I think I shouldn’t bend backwards so much, as my elbows aren’t LOCKED during the posture which thereby compromises my ability to push my boobs chest up]. Then when the instructor came over to help me PUSH the HIPS forward, I somehow lost the grip and ended up flying forward and would’ve catapulted over the instructor’s arms if it wasn’t a floor posture. That stunt was, hmm, how would I put it : WEIRD. And thank goodness I stayed on the second row today, because if I was in front my forehead would’ve been embedded with lovely shards of glass. He said that I should never lose the grip, and that I shouldn’t be pulling my arms up, but rather, be pushing my hips forward and lifting my chest up to create more space in my back and chest. “But I keep on losing the grip!” I protested. “So you know the answer – get a tighter grip and push your HIPS forward!”. It’s funny how the answer is always right in front of us, but we always need *someone* to remind us.

During trikanasana, the instructor attempted to get my chin touching the back of my left shoulder, which I did and a tiny squeek came out of me. Just a tiny one. I hope no one was bothered by it, because I was. Since when in the bloody hell I squeek?

And the LOL of the day had to go to janushirasana (head to knee).

Teacher [as he is hovering over me] : Left elbow down, roll inside to the left …. no no don’t move your right elbow!

M* : eep!!!

Teacher : You really are sotong [squid / cuttlefish]. Too flexible, move one and the other parts move too.

That’s my nickname that he gives me – sotong. Why? Have you seen a squid as it moves gracefully through the water into some nooks and crannies as it escapes predation ie HUMANS ? It looks totally boneless as it squeezes through the rocks before scuttling away.

Ugh, too flexible is not good. Not good at all.



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