Remember Andrea Fonseka from 2004? You know, the fatty healthy-shaped woman who represented Malaysia at the Miss Universe pageant?
Miss Malaysia Universe 2004

Miss Malaysia Universe 2004

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Personally, my two cents worth? She’s not a representation of Malaysian beauty. I could go on and on about how I’ve got other hotter friends, but I shan’t go in to great detail here.

So yes, she goes on to represent Malaysia [to the chagrin of many Malaysians …]. Lo and behold, she disappears off the radar and reemerges from the ashes, reborn, and ready to take on the entertainment world with her new-found svelte silhouette.

How! Why! What happened?! Did she starve herself to death? Stay away from chocolate cake? Not indulge in a little midnight snacking?

NAY, she went to a slimming centre, one such as MARIE FRANCE BODYLINE.

Take a look here :

So apparently she lost 7.5kg [16.5 lbs] in just 3 weeks. Marie France blasted the fat off her thighs, stomach and hips, and IN JUST 3 WEEKS she has the figure of a starved Brazilian model.

Hah, I thought, good for her. At least she’s getting her career [or lack thereof] back on track. Yada yada yada. I paid no heed to this innane chatter until I was surfing my local [Bikram] studio’s website :

So the woman who was fat, then lost weight thanks to some UNNATURAL slimming programme, is now the SPOKESPERSON for TRUE FITNESS? Specifically every time I want to search the schedule for updates, I HAVE TO SEE HER VERY PHOTOSHOPPED PICTURE ON THE WEBSITE.

What sort of message is this sending to EVERYONE who practices Bikram Yoga in True Fitness [yours truly included]? Or for the matter, those who are members of True Fitness?  That you have to GO TO A SLIMMING CENTRE, slim down, THEN only are you qualified to enter True Fitness? Really? Then maybe True Fitness should look into hiring Personal Trainers who DON’T fucking stand near the carpark and inhale and exhale their noxious cancer sticks.

I am VERY UNHAPPY and UPSET that True Fitness has decided to use a “CELEBRITY” [I use this term loosely here] that has ACKNOWLEDGED the fact that she WENT TO A SLIMMING CENTRE as their new spokesperson.

Hey Mr. Patric Wee : I’ve got a better marketing idea. Why not you use REAL PEOPLE instead of CELEBRITIES to be your spokesperson? This lends more CREDENCE to whatever campaign you’re going to push. This… “celebrity” lifestyle of partying, drinking and what not, is that what truly embodies “TRUE” FITNESS? Sure sure, fitness is a term that means many things to many people. But I bet many people will agree with this : A celebrity lifestyle IS NOT fitness.

There’ I’ve said it. Rant over.


p/s : OK I LIED. I am NOT HAPPY with her alignment in that picture of Trikanasana, spine twisting pose [Doesn’t it look HALF ASSED to you?], Padangustasana [ELBOWS to the body, Miss Fonseka!].

p/p/s : Oh GOD if I’m this anal over a photo, I can hardly imagine what I’ll be like *IF* or *WHEN* I become a teacher. But hey, 99% right = 100% wrong!


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  1. oh and old friend of mine

  2. “I’ve battled my weight throughout my teens and early twenties without success, and had become resigned to being labelled plump. Being crowned Miss Malaysia Universe 2004 was a moment of triumph for me but with it came public criticism of my size”

    what kind of message will this send to young girls? back in 2003 when i sat having lunch with andrea, drove around taylors college picking random strangers to college coz it was pouring with rain, she was just plain gorgeous. You wont call her fat. I seriously dont know what the nation is coming too.

    • But it’s a sad fact indeed.

      She looks normal for everyday life, but “FAT” for the entertainment industry.

  3. she shouldnt be in the entertainment industry. She has a degree in Law.

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