Friday Night Lights

First off : Congrad-500 classes in a row- tulations to McKinley as he’s done FIVE HUNDRED Bikram Yoga classes IN A ROW! That’s 1 class a day [AT LEAST], every day, for the past 500 days. Simply amazing and extremely inspirational, especially since my ass seems to be glued to the sofa like cheese on a lasagna.

Should I stop doing the Day x Class x Time x thingy? I seem to have lost track. I’ve only taken 4 days off so far [cause I was sick – vomitty insides do not make for good practice!]. Hmm.

Improvements so far would have to be ustrasana. Pushing hips forward, lifting boobs chest up, creating that 360º backward bending for gravitation [did I just spew out half the dialogue?] and WHOPPEE, not losing my grip!

The HARDEST most DIFFICULT part of the challenge so far? Not the sore body, not the aches. Certainly not the 40ºC heat. No no no. It’s the “Getting out of the house, into the car, driving TO the studio” part. Yes, it’s all mental. Some days my monkey mind goes “Take a break, will ya?” or “Look, sofa. Sleep. Guuuuuuuuuud”. That trumps all the pain money can’t buy.

And I did something different on a Friday night. Instead of coming home after class like a good little yogini, I went out for dinner with Angie, who’s back from New Zealand for the next 5 weeks and Jan, whom I haven’t seen in ages. Ah, good to be surrounded by high school friends, trading news [so and so is pregnant, this person is engaged, that person is married, amongst other scandalous news] and reminiscing about how much we miss New Zealand. 😦

Mild drama ensued as Jan left her headlights on, but as promised, I shan’t blog about it. Heh heh heh.



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  1. oh my mei, thank you so much for the kind words! i have to agree, the hardest part about class can be going to the studio. i remember walking down the san lorenzo bike path in a 50 mph wind storm, thinking “why din’t i stay home today?”

    good for you to live a little. leave the staying home on friday night to the old folks!

  2. Gosh if I were you, sofa trumps being blown away!

    I’m old. 23 going on 42, remember?

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